Jenco pH/mV/Ion/Temp meter

Hand held oxygen monitor

Features of the 6200 series Ph meters

  • High resolution instrument 4.5 digits display 0.001pH
  • pH buffer recognition
    Model 6250 (pH 7.00 4.01 & 10.01)
    Model 6250C (pH 6.86, 4.0, 9.18 )
  • Selectable resolution 0.001/0.01pH
  • Direct read out in ion concentration
  • Auto/manual temperature compensation
  • Power down memory backup
  • RS232 output
  • Rugged molded case watertight and splash resistance
  • Good feel with tactile and audio feedback keys
  • CE approved
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6200 series pH/mV/Ion/Temp meters
These hand held instruments are completely self contained high resolution pH meters. This page describes two models.  The standard 6230 meter has 0.01 pH resolution The high resolution 6250 series has 0.001 pH resolution and includes ion measurement and can be used with a wide range of  ISE (Ion Selective Electrodes )

The Kit configuration includes everything you need to make pH measurements 

Ph is a measure of the degree of the acidity or the alkalinity of a solution as measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The midpoint of 7.0 on the pH scale represents neutrality. A "neutral" solution is neither acid nor alkaline. pH below 7.0 indicate acidity; pH above 7.0 indicate alkalinity. pH indicates the intensity of alkalinity or acidity in the same way temperature tells how hot something is but not how much heat the substance carries. More specifically, pH is the negative of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. The hydrogen ion concentration is the weight of hydrogen ions, in grams, per liter of solution. In neutral water, for example, the hydrogen ion concentration is 10E-7 grams per liter; the pH is therefore 7. Since it is hydrogen that is responsible for acidity and alkalinity, the abbreviation "pH" stands for "potential of hydrogen." The neutral point of 7.0 actually indicates the presence of equal concentrations of free hydrogen and hydroxide ions.
Specification of 6230/6230C 6250/6250C pH meters
Display Range Resolution
models 6250 6250C
models 6230 6230C
pH -2.000 to + 16.000 pH 0.01 pH or 0.001 pH 0.01 pH +/-0.1% +/- 1 digit
mV - 1999.9 to 1999.9 mV 1 mV or 0.1 mV 0.01 pH +/-0.1% +/- 1 digit
Temp Deg C -5.0 C to +125 C 0.1 C 0.1 C +/- 0.15 C
Ion 0.0 to 119.8 conc. 0.05 conc. ( range 0.00 - 25.00
0.1 conc. ( range 25.0 - 50.0 )
0.2 conc. (range 50.0 - 119.8 )
Not included +/- 2LSD (resolution
General Specifications
Display pH / mV : Temperature
pH temp. compensation -5.0 to 125.0 degs C
pH buffer temperture range 0 - 50 degs C
pH electrode offset recognition +/- 90 mV
pH electrode slope recognition +/- 30 %
pH standardization Single or dual point
Ion standardizarion (6250 & 6250C only ) Single point standardization
Input impedance <10 e13 ohms
Temperature compensation Thermistor (10Kohm at 25 C)
Power supply 6 x AAA or 115/230 VAC adaptor
Battery Life ~ 25 hours continuous use
ATC probe Thermistor (10Kohm at 25 C)
Memory backup included
Ambient temp 0 - 50 deg C
Weight 450 gms
Dimensions 222 x 83 x 71 mm
Ordering Information   
6000E combined pH temp electrode
6000ED combined pH temp probe - ( needs 6005C cable )
4 pin connector on back of 6000E tip of 6000E pH temp probe
4 pin connector on end of 6000 series probes Tip of 6000P probe
Electrochemistry spring balanced probe holder
Model 62-30KB kit
0.01 pH
6230 meter with separate ATC and pH probes
carrying case
6230A temp probe
600P pH electrode (single jct)
$354 Add item to shopping cart
Model 62-30KC kit
0.01 pH
4 Pin connector
6230 meter with combined pH/ATC probe
carrying case
6005C cable
6000P pH / temp electrode (single jct )
Model 62-50KB kit
Higher resolution + ion scale
0.001 pH
4 pin connector
6250 meter with combined pH/ATC probe
carrying case
6005C cable
6000P pH/temp ref electrode
Model 62-50KC kit
Higher resolution + ion scale
6250 meter with separate ATC and pH probes
carrying case
6023A temp probe
600P pH electrode
Kits include an AC adapter specify line voltage when ordering
Model 62-30 meter only $230  
Model 62-50 meter only $395
600P single junction pH/ref electrode BNC 3ft cable max 60C $45  
600ED double junction pH/ref electrode BNC 3ft cable $79
600E-ORP ORP Electrode - BNC connector $105
6230A Glass thermistor ATC probe 8 pin connector
Use with 600E pH probe on BNC connector
6000P single junction pH/temp/ref electrode 4 pin ATC (cable not included ) $69
6000ED double junction pH/temp/ref electrode 4 pin ATC (cable not included ) $94
6000E-CJ Calomel electrode pH/ATC $89
6005C Cable for 6000E to 6230/50 meter 4 pin on probe to 8 pin on meter $28
007N Spring loaded probe holder $49.00  
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