Instrumentation for MAP
Modified atmosphere packaging is a technique used to to extend the shelf life and freshness of a wide range of food products. The technique involves modifing the normal atmosphere of the air inside the food package by changing the proportions of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Different foods and degradation agents react differently to the presence and concentration of these three gases.
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About Modified Atmosphere Packaging
review of gas mixes for different products

MapPak Combi Portable headspace analyzer for O2 CO2

  • O2 or O2/CO2
  • USB interface
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Settable sample time
  • Wifi Enabled spreadsheet download (no software required)  
Checkmate: High accuracy headspace analyzer for oxygen or oxygen combined with carbon dioxide.
  • Small sample size 1 - 2ml
  • High accuracy for low oxygen
  • 0 - 100% Carbon Dioxide
  • RS232

Checkpoint: Portable headspace analyzer for oxygen or oxygen combined with carbon dioxide.


  • Hand held battery operated
  • 0 - 100% oxygen
  • 0 - 100% Carbon Dioxide
  • sample size 15 ml New Checkpoint III : Portable headspace analyzer for oxygen or oxygen combined with carbon dioxide.
  • Hand held with new sensor design
  • WIFI interface
  • Data logging
  • 2 year sensor warranty

small headspace Optical Fluorescence: Headspace analyzer for very small vials and capsules oxygen.
  • Very small headspace
  • Ideal for pharmaceuticals
  • Invasive or non invasive configurations
  • Can be used for shelf life and permeation studies

ResOx Inexpensive kit for Oxygen

  • O2
  • External Pump
  • Pressure compensated
  • Local data logging
Carbon monoxide monitor

PacCheck-333 Portable headspace analyzer for O2 CO2 and Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Monoxide as well
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Variable sample time
  • Package Leak Tester
  • For Modified Atmosphere Packages Containing CO2
  • Non Destructive
  • Individual or Cartons
gas mixer
gas mixer for food packaging
  • Nitrogen Generators
  • Generator high purity Nitrogen
  • No gas bottles, No liquid nitrogen
  • up to 200 L/m

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) involves the modification of the head space gas in a package in order to prolong the shelf life of the product it contains. (food, pharmaceuticals etc.) The success of MAP depends on the packer's ability to correctly prepare the product and to control the concentrations of head space gas within the desired limits.
Topac offers a range of instruments related to the study and implementation of MA (modified atmosphere) and CA (controlled atmosphere) packaging.

Headspace Analysis for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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CheckMate automatic Oxygen and Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide digital headspace analyzers
     for MAP - ideal for small head space applications

Hand Held Oxygen headspace analyzer
On line analyzers for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Leak Detection of Modified Atmosphere Packages

Pack Check Non Destructive Leak Detection for MAP packages with CO2

Gas Mixing for modified atmosphere packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging
review of gas mixes for different products

Gas Mixers for Nitrogen Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and Air
In-line monitoring of oxygen in inert gas purge systems

MAP Mix Provectus Gas Mixer (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide)

Food laboratory Instruments

Moisture Analyzer
Digital Thermometers
IR Non contact thermometers
No Glass pH Probes and Meters
Blenders for food microbiology
Filter bags
Spiral Platers ( Bacteria )
Automatic Colony Counter
Brix Refractometers

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