Humidity Dew Point
Table of hygrometric equivalents
Portable Dew Point Hygrometers
Mini Portable 
Engineering units
PC interface
-110 to +20C
(4 ranges)
Dew Point Transmitters
Economy price
Transmitter & Monitor
-80 to + 20 C
The BaleCheck 200 is a professional measuring device for measuring the moisture in bales of pressed hay and straw. It helps you determine, very precisely, the suitability for storage and the quality of hay, straw and grain.
Compressed Air Relative Humidity (Rh) Dew Point (DP) and Temp
Compressed air humidity / Dew Point / Temperature with data logging 
Dual Relative Humidity Temperature Probe and Transmitter Ultra Compact Hygrotransmitter
Analog / RS232 / Modbus-RTU integrated Temperature and relative humidity probe and transmitter 
Wireless Data Logger Network

Wireless RH/Temp data loggers

RH Temp Loggers

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