Dissolved Oxygen,
Meters, Probes, Transmitters, Controllers
Dissolved Oxygen is a measure of the free oxygen dissolved in water. It is an indicator of water quality. The amount of oxygen that can be held by the water depends on the water temperature, salinity, and pressure. Gas solubility increases with decreasing temperature (colder water holds more oxygen). Gas solubility increases with decreasing salinity (freshwater holds more oxygen than does saltwater). Both the partial pressure and the degree of saturation of oxygen will change with altitude . Finally, gas solubility decreases as pressure decreases. Thus, the amount of oxygen absorbed in water decreases as altitude increases because of the decrease in relative pressure.
 For DO multiparameter electrochemistry instruments also see the conductivity section here

Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
Analog output
Local LCD display
Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter Deep submersible for salt or fresh water up to 30 m depth. Analog output
DO electrochemistry meter DO_C534
High Resolution Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Multi purpose electro-chemisty meter analogue recorder, data logging, 12000 reading internal memory, Windows software, USB, rechargeable batteries. GLP Reporting, Galvanic probe.
 Dual input Dissolved Oxygen
/ pH / temperature / mV / conductivity

Internal memory, data storage 300 readings, rechargeable batteries. galvanic probe.
 Stainless steel sterilizable galvanic DO probe Delrin Lab and Inline Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
electrochemistry controller
Dissolved Oxygen
Handheld meter, inexpensive kits, RS232 included.
Electrochemistry Controller
Monitor on/off and proportional controller for Conductivity, pH, mV, DO and temperature
Model C3030 Multi-parameter
High resolution conductivity / resistivity / pH / Ion, meter Dissolved Oxygen
  • Multimeter
  • 2 pH/mV/Ion channels / differential pH
  • 1 conductivity
  • 1Dissolved Oxygen
  • 1 temperature
  • Ideal for low conductivity applications such as de-ionized water
  • Data logging
  • USB
  • Analog outputs
Model C3020 Multi-parameter
High resolution conductivity / resistivity / pH /mV meter
Dissolved Oxygen
  • Multimeter
  • 2 pH/mV/ channels / differential pH
  • 1 conductivity
  • 1 Dissolved Oxygen
  • 1 temperature
  • Data logging
  • USB
  • Analog outputs

HD2109 DO meter

  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Kits
  • Galvanic and polargraphic probes
  • Smart Probes contain calibration data
  • Integral Temperature Sensor
  • Port for external PT100
  • Real Time Data Logging
  • Store and Download Data logging
  • Max Min and Avg functions
  • Automatic Pressure Compensation
  • Kits include meter, probe, calibrator, electrolyte, instructions and hard shell case


CS D230 Electrochemistry Datalogger
  • Electrochemistry data logger
  • up to 28 channels per crate
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Conductivity TDS, salinity
  • pH mV
  • Ions
  • Simultaneous temperature for all channels
  • Each channel can show in real time on PC
  • Graph and plot data
  • Comprehensive system for all kinds of data aquisition in electrochemistry
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