Nitrogen Generators

Common Features of Titan Nitrogen Generators

  • Consistent, dry, high quality nitrogen
  • High purity up to 99.9995%
  • PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology
  • Max flow rate 600 cc/min
  • Ideal for GC, GCMS, FTIR, LCMS, ICP
  • Can work with your compressor
  • No more troublesome LN2 storage
  • Save money reduce waste
  • Generate only what you need
  • Designed for easy of maintenance
  • All you need service packs available
  • 24 month warranty

The generators deliver a continuous stream of pure nitrogen gas (>99.995%) with a low residual oxygen content, without the need for secondary purification.
The Titan range of Nitrogen generators work on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method. Atmospheric air is compressed and filtered with a carbon molecular sieve. The larger nitrogen molecules are separated from the oxygen molecules and pass through as a pure stream of gas. PSA produces the purest nitrogen of any method and is ideal for critical applications such as gas (GC) and liquid chromatography (LCMS), Fourier Transform infra red spectroscopy (FTIR) and inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP). The Maxi-Flow is series is available in different output capacities to suit your need.
The the smaller generators can be supplied with an integrated compressor or be used with your own external compressor. Larger units need an external compressor and storage tank

Mini N2 Nitrogen Generator

  • Mini N2 Laboratory Generator
  • Very High Purity
  • 99.9995% Nitrogen
  • 600 mL/min
  • With integrated or external compressor

Midi-Flow medium capacity Nitrogen Generators

  • Midi N2Flow Series
  • Medium capacity 1L to 10 L/min
  • Available in with, integrated compressor

Maxi-Flow high capacity Nitrogen Generators

nitrogen generator
  • Maxi Flow Series
  • High capacity 30L to 200 L/min
  • Available in 30L/min, integrated compress
  • 60L/min integrated compressor, external tank
  • 100L/min & 200L/min


Applications of nitrogen generators include soldering machines, food and pharaceutical packaging, nitrogen blanket processes, scientific instruments research laboratories.