Oxygen Headspace in Small Vials and Capsules

oxygen headspace sampler
  • Oxygen headspace in small packages
  • Lightweight and portable (with Portability Kit)
  • Easy calibration with cal vial standards
  • No calibration gas needed
  • Automatic barometric pressure compensation
  • Robust invasive needle, no headspace extraction
  • Designed specially for limited headspace
  • Eliminate errors caused by unknown internal package pressure
  • Visible, non-UV light source for simple, targeted reading
  • Portability kit includes tablet computer

oxygen probeThe OpTechO2 uses fluorescence technology to detect and measure the presence of oxygen in food, pharmaceutical and similar packages. As a headspace analyzer the instrument can be used in too different ways. Firstly as a classical invasive method where a needle is pressed into the headspace to sample the oxygen level. This method can be used even for very small headspaces less than 1mL. The method does not remove any headspace gas because the sensor is built into the tip of the needle and the analysis takes place in-situ. In the other modality a small adhesive sensor is placed inside the package. The oxygen dependent fluorescence from the sensor can be monitored non-destructively through the package wall. This scenario is ideal for the study of shelf life, permeation, package integrity and leaks. The oxygen concentration can even be measured and recorded in real time.


Method Epifluorence Confocal
Warm-up time 20 minutes
Detector Dimensions Width: 1.3 in 3.30 cm Height: 1.9 in 4.83 cm
Depth 9 in 22.86 cm (with needle), 6 in 15.24 cm (without needle)
Base Dimensions Width: 4.8 in 12.19 cm Height: 2.7 in 6.8 cm
Depth 10 in 25.40 cm
Power Standard Power USB Port (2.5 watt)
Operating Temperature 10 – 35C
Humidity 0 – 100% non-condensing
Compliance CE/CSA/UL


Application Sensor in needle must be 100% in volume
Pressure Compensation Automatic Barometric Compensation
pressure needle Package pressure compensation. Pressure range (Pressure Needle) - 150mmHg to 1000mmHg (200mbar to 1330 mbar)
Repeatability ±0.015% (150 ppm) O₂ or 2% of reading, whichever is greater
Range .015% (150 ppm) to 25% Headspace mode
warm up time  
Operating temperature 5 – 40C
Operating humidity 0 – 100% non-condensing. Needle must not get wet

MC1535 Base System - cable and handset Call
MC52147 Invasive needle - for insertion into package Call
MC51389 Cal Vial - vial for calibration Call
MC51402 Portability Kit - includes tablet and shoulder bag Call