Large Vertical DNA Sequencing Units

The TVS DNA sequencing units are designed with cabinet doors and safety lid to provide easy access for loading without compromising safety. All components are shielded and the unit cannot be operated until the doors are closed and the safety lid is in place. A combination or rubber mounted, precision machined aluminum heat transfer plates, float glass plates and securing cams ensure excellent heat distribution and straight sample migration through the gel. A drainage port in the upper buffer tank allows for easy emptying of the running buffer.
DNA Sequencing Features
  • Integral counterbalanced seals ensure uniform gel thickness and sample migration
  • Excellent safety features, recessed connector integral with the safety lid isolate power when lid is removed
  • Robust acrylic construction
  • Compact safety lid with integral connectors and safety interlock
  • Cabinet style doors for easy access and sample loading. (Interlocks mean doors must be closed before power can be applied )
  • 4 mm thick float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight migration
  • Plate screw clamps for easy plate assembly
  • Integral machined aluminum backing plate provides uniform heat distribution and straight sample migration.
  • Built in carrying handles for easy transportation about the lab.
  • Removable lower buffer tank for easy cleaning
  • Drainage port on the upper tank for easy and safe emptying
  • User replaceable pure platinum electrodes
  • Extensive range of combs and spacers including sharks tooth.
  • Optional thermostatically controlled fan and heat sensor kit
  • Complete system includes: Single-plate vertical gel electrophoresis unit with integral GRM and aluminium back plate; upper and lower buffer chambers; lid, 2 x (33 x 41cm; W x H) plain glass plates, 2 x (33 x 41cm) notched glass plates, 2 x 0.35mm melinex spacers and 1 x 0.35mm thick 48-sample shark's tooth melinex comb
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) 63 x 21.5 x 50cm orderonline
Plate Dimensions (W x H x T) 33 x 41 x 0.4cm
Standard Spacer Dimensions (W x H x T) 10 x 410 x 0.35mm
Active Gel Dimensions (W x H) 29 x 38.5cm
Maximum Sample Capacity 1 x 96
Recommended Buffer Volume Upper Buffer Chamber1200ml
Lower Buffer Chamber1200ml
Recommended Running Conditions for 6%
Denaturing PAGE Gel Using Passive
Ventilation at 20˚C Ambient Temperature
Power: 45-55W
Gel Temp: 50-60ºC
Time: 2.5-3h
Recommended Running conditions for 6% Denaturing PAGE gel using FHS-KIT at 20ºC ambient temperature Power: 75W
Gel Temp: 55ºC
Time 1.75h
Power Output Connectors (diameter) Shrouded, 2mm
Recommended Power Supplies Consort EV232 & EV233

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