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Twin Anode X-Ray Source for XPS

Twin Anode X Ray Source

This is a new twin anode X-Ray source specially designed by PSP Vacuum Technology for the surface science research market. The TX400 can be fitted with a variety of anode materials. It is easily adapted to most UHV systems and can be supplied with direct or differential pumping

Features of the TX400 Twin anode X-Ray source
  • Great specifications at an attractive price.
  • Twin anode source with choice of anodes Mg, Al, Ti, Si, Ag, Zr...
  • Aligned anode ensures reliable operation to 15KV.
  • Thoriated Tungsten twin filaments for bright emission and stability
  • Pre jigged filaments for quick and easy replacement
  • Shaped end caps to bring gun close to sample
  • 50 mm and 100 mm linear retractor options
  • Differential or direct pumping configurations
  • Custom length to suit your UHV chamber at no extra cost.
  • Al foil window isolates sample from anode.
  • Power supply regulated to better than 0.1%
  • Power supply operates filaments in both emission and current stabilized modes.
  • Single multi way filament feed-through. - one clamp for water and HT.
Power Supply
The power supply provides the high voltage and filament control to operate the source at power levels up to 500 W. The filaments can be run in either the stabilized current or stabilized emission mode. Safety interlocks are provided to shut off the unit in the event of a water cooling failure
Voltage Regulation < 0.005% for specified line variations
Ripple < 0.02% of rated voltage at 0.5% rms
Stability 0.01% /hr after 30 min warm up. 0.05% / 8hrs
Mechanical Details of the TX400 X-Ray Source
The source has twin anodes with independent filaments to provide two separate excitation energies. Any combination of anodes can be chosen from Mg, Al, Ti, Ag, and Zr. The anodes are replaceable so spare anodes can be provides with different anode materials. The exit aperture has an aluminum foil window to reduce Bremsstrahlung radiation and to isolate the anode for differential pumping. The anode is water cooled.
Layout Schematic of the TX400 X-Ray source
Click on image for a more detailed view
Differential Pumping
The X-Ray source is mounted on a standard 70 mm OD CF style flange. The source may be pumped directly through the mounting port. It is better practice to pump X ray sources with a separate pump. This completely eliminates contamination for the source and maintains UHV. A differential pumping kit is available for this purpose. This comprises a small pump, bellows connection and pressure equalization valve that are connected to the X-Ray pumping port. In this configuration the barrel of the source is sealed with a sleeve.
Accessories for the TX400 X-Ray source
We can provide a range of accessories to help you make the most of your TX400. These include recirculating chillers, differential pumping lines and associated vacuum components. You can also order replacement anodes, Aluminum X ray windows and spare filament assemblies.
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