Portable and Bench Turbidimeter

Features of the HD25.2 Turbidimeter
  • Completely Self-Contained - contains everything you need, including battery pack, manual, and calibration standards
  • Data logging and export to PC.
  • Optional label printer
  • 3 light detectors and two LED light sources (White and infrared).
  • Rugged Portable Carrying Case ensures durability and convenience no matter where your sample happens to be.
  • IP 66 Water proof housing allows sample measuring and cleaning in any wet environment.
  • Automatic calibration- one or four points.
  • User Management (lock functions with password)
  • 100 hours of use on 3 - AA batteries
  • Laboratory Accuracy.
  • Made in Italy
Introduction to the HD25.2 portable turbidimeter

The HD25.2 is a digital turbidity meter for laboratory and mobile use, suitable for measurements in drinking water, waste water and process liquids. The working principle is based on the nephelometric (90° scattered light sensor) method. It is equipped with three light detectors and two LED light sources (white and infrared) which are permanently kept under control in order to guarantee long-term stability. The instrument performs measurements according to the standards EPA 180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC and ASBC. It is also able to carry out measures of transmission factor percentage of white and infrared light.

Nephelometers measure the intensity of light scattered by contaminants such as suspended and colloidal matter like clay and silt, and microscopic organisms. Turbidimeters using the nephelometric principal compare the light scattered due to contamination with the light scattering from a standard reference suspension. The result is a measurement of turbidity in NTUs - Nephelometric Turbidity Units.

The initial factory calibration is based on Formazin primary standard. For routine calibration a set of stabilized secondary standard solutions is available:

STCAL (Turbidity standards for calibration):‡

STCAL 1 less than 0,05 NTU‡

STCAL 2 equal to 8 NTU

‡STCAL 3 equal to 80 NTU‡

STCAL 4 equal to 800 NTU.

User Manual - HD25.2

Specification - HD25.2 Turbidimeter
Measuring Methods:


EPA180.1/ ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027) / EBC / ASBC / White %T and IR %T


Measurement Range:


EPA180.1: 0-1000 NTU

ISO-NEPH: 0-1000 FNU

EBC: 0-250 EBC

ASBC: 0-999 ASBC

WHITE %T: 0-100%T

IR %T: 0-100%T


Principle Nephelometric 90 degree scattered light sensor
Light Source LED IR 850nm / White LED 470nm
Data Loggin 999 Samples


+/- 2% of reading + 0.01 NTU (0-500 NTU)
+/- 3% of reading (500 - 1000 NTU)



+/- 2% of reading or 0.01 NTU


0.01 NTU (0 - 9.99 NTU)

0.1 NTU (10-99.9 NTU)

1 NTU (100 - 1000 NTU)

Working Temperature 0 - 50C
Display: LCD 52 x 42mm
Power Supply: 3 - AA Batteries 1800mAh
Sample Cells:  20mL - 24mm diameter x 68 mm tall
Materials:Instrument Case:
Carry Case
ABS / Rubber
Dimensions  220 x 120 x 55 (mm)
Weight 400g
Ordering Information   

Model HD25.2
Kit: instrument HD25.2, 4 empty cells, 4 calibration standards STCAL, 3 1.5Vdc alkaline batteries, lubricant rag, 25mL Silicon oil, instructions manual, carrying case and software DeltaLog11 windows PC


Calibration Kit

4 Calibration standards with formazin reference

STCAL 1 (0.05 NTU), STCAL 2 (8 NTU), STCAL 3 (80 NTU), STCAL 4 (800 NTU).




HD40.1 - 24-column portable thermal printer, serial interface, 57mm paper width, four NiMH 1.2V rechargeable batteries, SWD10 power supply, instruction manual, 5 thermal paper rolls. Requires the cable 9CPRS232 (optional)


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