Multi Channel Temperature monitor and data logger
for thermocouples or resistance thermometers

Features of the T8710 / T8720 Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger

  • 16 thermocouple channels for J, K, T or E type thermocouples.
  • 12 channels for 2 or 3 wire Pt100
  • Real time data logging direct to a computer
  • Ideal for long distance measurement with short response times.
  • T8720 Configuration for up to 12 resistance thermometers
  • Displays temperature in C, F or K
  • Stores up to 18000 measurements plus date and time
  • Bi directional RS 232
  • GLP procedures built in
  • Programmable ID and password
  • IP 65 dust proof
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free Windows data acquisition software

This multi channel Consort temperature data logger is available for 16 channel thermocouple inputs or 12 channel resistance thermometer inputs. The T8710 can work stand alone using the keypad or in conjunction with a PC. Individual channels can be activated or deactivated as necessary. Each channel can be individually calibrated to a specific thermocouple. (they don't all have to be the same type). The information can be stored locally and transferred to a PC or a printer by the RS232 interface. Alternatively the unit can monitor and log data directly to a PC in real time. The display can automatically sequence through the channels showing each in turn. Each channel stores a maximum and minimum value andl has individual high / low alarm levels with buzzer and relay outputs. Connections are made to a terminal strip on the rear of the unit. The terminal strips accept sensors in banks of 8 or 4. Each bank can be unplugged from the unit as a block so that you don't have to re-attach sensor wires individualy.

An option wall mount assembly reverses the front panel and provides a bracket for convenient wall installation ------>

Specification Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger

Model T8710 Thermocouples T8720 Resistance Thermometers
Type J -200 ... 900°C
-328 ... 1652 °F
Pt100 -200 ...850 °C
Type K -200 ... 1370°C
-328 ... 2498 °F
Type T -200 ... 600°C
-328 ... 1112 °F
Type E 0 ... 1000°C
32 ...1832°F
Resolution < 1000 °C - 0.1 °C 0.1 °C
  > 999.9 °C - 1.0 °C  
Channels 16 12
Input Terminal blocks for up to 16 TCs Terminal blocks for up to 12 RTDs
Accuracy 0.5% +/- 0.5°C (+/- 1°F) 0.1% +/- 0.3°C (+/-0.5°F)
Resolution < 1000 °C ~0.1°C (0.1°F) 0.1°C (0.1°F)
> 999.9 °C~1°C (1°F) NA
RJC error 0.05°C/°C NA
Calibration 2 points 1.. 2 points
General Specifications
Data Logging 18000 values including time and date
Logging interval 0 - 9999 seconds
Security Features Password and individual unit ID number
Display Graphical backlit LCD 124 x 64 pixels
Recorder output 0 - 2V programmable
RS232 300 .. 9600 baud, bi-directional
Scanning interval 4 - 9999 seconds per channel
Relay Output 2 relays -solid state 50V 200 mA max
Power 90 to 230 Volts AC universal adaptor
Dimensions 26 x 18 x 9 cm
Weight 1 Kg

Ordering Information

Model (T8710 replaces previous model T851, T872 replaces previous model T852 ) Price USD Order
Model T8710 multi channel thermocouple meter, manual PC cable and power adapter. $1750.00
Model T8720 multi channel Pt100 meter, manual PC cable and power adapter. $1750.00
Model T870M wall mount kit $65.00
Thermocouples / Platinum Resistance thermometers are not included but can be quoted on request - specify type, length, tip configuration.