easySpiral Plater
[3rd Generation]

Accelerated Bacterial Colony Enumeration
spiral plater
Spiral plate after incubation Features of the easySpiral for bacterial enumeration
  • New easySpiral technology automatically distributes a spiral plating of your sample on a petri dish in just 25 seconds.

  • USB option (EasySpiralPro) provides programming, computer control and traceable data acquisition.

  • Robotic precision, completes a full plating cycle including cleaning, sample acquisition and dispersion in 25 seconds.

  • Patented stylus cleaning device, and liquid handling module cleans and disinfects the system with no risk of cross-contamination.

  • 2 liter bottles capacity sufficient for 600 cleaning cycles.

  • Auto disinfection ; the exterior and interior of the stylus are cleaned by overflow.

  • Hygienic stainless steel housing, autoclavable bottles.

  • Cleaning liquid sensor with alarm notification of empty bottle.

  • Switchable petri dish holder for 90 and 150mm dishes.
  • Demonstration download the video

Introduction to EasySpiral Bacterial Plater
The EasySpiral is a microprocessor controlled dispenser that deposits a liquid sample in a spiral pattern onto the surface of a rotating agar plate. The dispensing stylus deposits decreasing amounts of sample as it moves from the center of the plate outwards. Because of this unique plating action, microbial suspensions (~ 400 to 400,000 cfu/ml on 100 mm plates ) that may normally require several serial dilutions prior to plating can be plated directly The spiral method allows rapid bacterial counting while avoiding some or all intermediate dilutions. A logarithmically decreasing volume of sample is dispensed on the surface of a rotating Petri dish in an Archimedes spiral. The volume is calibrated and is known at every point of the Petri dish. The bacterial concentration is determined by dividing the number of colonies found by the volume dispensed in the same sector of the dish.

Five Deposition Modes
The Spiral Plater deposits sample is five different deposition modes on both 100 mm and 150 mm plates. Operation can be automatic, manual or semi automated. Automatic mode features hands free cleaning and sample intake, while manual modes can be used to intake viscous or particulate samples or samples from nonstandard containers.
Spiral plates can usually be counted after only 18 to 24 hours incubation (depending on types of microbes ). Cfu/ml of sample is determined by manually counting colonies in two opposite sectors of a specialized counting grid, for which the deposited volumes are known. Or by automated counting.
exponential mode Standard Exponential Mode
Causes exponentially decreasing amounts of sample to be deposited for bacterial enumeration by spiral plating method and for single colony isolation. Also used to deposit anti-microbial agents in the Spiral Gradient Endpoint test and to produce a gradient of mutagenic substances in the Spiral Salmonella Assay.
slow exponential Slow Exponential Mode
Used when plating organic compounds such as ethanol, or when using wet plates - prevents spirals from being splashed by centrifugal force.
proportional Proportional Mode
Deposits decreasing amounts of sample proportional to the radial distance from the center or the plate. The range of concentrations is therefore much smaller than for exponential mode. Useful for amplifying the response of bacterial populations to anti-microbial agents or mutagens over the narrow range of their gradient.
uniform Uniform Mode
Causes the sample to be deposited at a constant rate over the entire spiral path. Used for plating the Salmonella in the Spiral Salmonella Mutagenicity Assay
lawn Lawn Mode
Produces uniform contiguous growth on the entire plate by depositing the inoculum at a constant rate as in the uniform mode but at half the spacing between the spirals. Useful for test requiring precise and even distribution of substances or microbes across a plate such as disk diffusion tests and studying viral plaques or enzyme production
Specifications of the easySpiral and easy Spiral Pro
  easySpiral easySpiral Pro
Reference 412 000 413 000
Syringe capacity 1000 microliters 1000 ul
Preset volume dispensed 50 or 100 microliters 50, 100 or 200 ul
Counting range 300 to 1.3 x 10^5 CFU/ml 30 to 1x10^7 CFU/ml
Full cycle time 25 seconds 25 seconds
Cleaning autonomy 600 cycles (2L bottles) 600 cycles (2L bottles)
90mm Petri dish supported supported
150mm Petri dish --- supported
USB programmable volume --- from 10 to 1000 ul
Excel export traceability --- supported
Exponential deposition mode supported supported
Circle deposition mode supported supported
Uniform deposition mode --- supported
Dimensions 38 x 41 x 29 cm 38 x 41 x 29 cm
Power 90V to 240V
50Hz to 60Hz
90V to 240V
50Hz to 60Hz
easySpiral applications
Food control, bacteria cinetics, plating for microbiology tests, MIC control of antibiotics, cosmetic control, pharmaceutical control

Beakers for Spiral Plater Samples DB 50
Housing Protection
Barcode reader
Bottle set connection GL 45

Ordering Information easySpiral Plater
Model Description Part No Price Guide
easySpiral Spiral plater 90mm IS ES $21,000.00
easySpiral-Pro Spiral plater USB software, 90 & 150mm plates IS ESPRO $28,000.00
Godet Sterile Beakers 1000 pack ~ 67/sterile tube. DB-50 $215.00
~Please call to order~
PetriPile Rack for petri dishes 55, 65 or 90 mm PP90 $125.00

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