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The Sonic Sifter

sonic sifter
10" w x 12"d x 23" h
Specially designed 3" (75mm) diameter acrylic-framed sieves and a patented oscillating air column allows this unit to achieve efficiencies previously seen only with wet sieving for materials in powdered, granular or pellet form— and is capable of achieving separations over the range of 3µm to 5.6mm.


Meinzer II Sieve Shaker

10" x 10" x 7", only 36lbs.
This maintenance free, lightweight and portable vibrating sieve shaker provides precise repeatable results time after time. By utilizing an electromagnetic drive, a fixed amplitude and rubber spring mounts, this unit produces the simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis.

AT168 Rotary Sieve Shaker

28” w x 23” d x 25” h
Designed for a wide range of sifting applications from 4" stone to 0.8 mil metal powder Robust and reliable - made in the USA


Air Jet Sifter


Air Jet granulometric sifter uses standard Shop Vac to sort granules in the 5 um to 2 mm range.

Inexpensive and easy to use.

Sonic Sifter 3" Sieves

Soinc Sifter Precision 3" Sieves

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