High Definition Colony Counter with Color

high resolution colony counter at Topac
  • Resolve 0.05mm colonies
  • Read inhibition zones
  • 5 Megapixel color camera
  • Count 1000 colonies per second
  • Digital zoom
  • Revolutionary lighting system includes adjustable direct and indirect illumination from above and below the sample to eliminate shadows and stray light.
  • Comprehensive image analysis software
  • Automatic adjustments for contrast and luminosity
  • Correction for agar defects
  • Separation of confluent colonies
  • Adjustable exclusion areas
  • Preset media type


colony counter illuminationThis new advanced colony counter is applicable to a wide range of applications in food safety, pharmacology, environmental monitoring and clinical diagnostics. The SCAN 4000 can be used with virtually all types of dishes and culture media and complies fully with CFR21 part 11.
The heart of the system is the shadow free lighting design which uses a reflective diffusing dome overhead of the sample to produce uniform shadow free illumination without artefacts from the edges of the agar and the dish. This is in addition to various other lighting arrangements from above and below the sample. The high resolution color CCD camera produces incredibly high fidelity images of the target colonies. The integral image analysis software provides many automated functions via a windows interface. Define exclusion zones, different illumination scenarios, cluster separation and much more with the click of a mouse.
The system enables reading of inhibition zones with peni-cylinders, agar wells or paper disks. For bacteriology you can memorize your masks and analyze your dish in seconds visualizing antibiotic sensitivity as Red - resistant; Yellow intemediate; Green sensitive. The HD color image of the Petri dish in automatically saved.
The Scan® 4000 can read the Petri dishes up to 150 mm diameter and 120 mm square Petri dishes making it the most adaptable colony counter currently available.

The Scan® software complies with the FDA guidelines, for electronic signatures, audit trail and secure data. A supervisor level manages user accounts and passwords.

Air analysis on TSA removed peni-cylinders on TSA Wells on TSA Agar
Air analysis on TSA
Removed peni-cylinders on TSA agar
Wells on TSA agar
square petri dish paper disks on blood agar paperdisks o Mueller Hinton agar
Square Petri Dish 120mm
Paper disks on blood agar
Paper disks on Mueller Hinton agar
staphylococcus on Baird Parker agar Psuedomonas on Hektoen Agar Legionella on GVPC agar
Staphylococcus on Baird Parker agar
Pseudomonas on Hektoen agar
Legionella on GVPC agar


Specifications Model
Camera Ultra HD CCD Color Camera
Digital Zoom x 69
Resolution 5 megapixels
Response time 1000 colonies per second
Minimum Colony size 0.05 mm
Illumination Source White LEDs
Lighting control 7 combinations, top and/or bottom light white or black background within domed "auditorium"
Petri dishes Square and round Petri dishes (55-150 mm)

Counting on pour, surface, Spiral® and circle plated dishes.
Counting on chromogenic dishes
Muller Hinton agar, blood agar, chocolate agar
Petri Film, RIDA count or NeoFilm
Filtration membranes, paper disks, agar wells, peni-cylinders

Inhibition Zone 0.1 mm
Color Detection up to 7 colors on the same dish
Dimensions / weight 47 x 47 x 64 cm / 25 kg
Operating System Windows™ 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows™ 8 or 10
Computer recommended Intel (Quad core recommended) Intel i5 or i7 or AMD FX 6000 and superior
2.45 Ghz or better
AMD or NVIDIA graphicard (chipsets not recommended)
Screen 1280 x 1280
Power Supply 100-240 V ∼ 50/60 Hz
Compliance GLP (Good laboratory Practice), CFR 21 part 11, ISO 15189, ISO 7218, ISO 4833-2, NF V08-034, NF V08-100, AOAC 977.27, FDA-BAM standards


Scan 4000 Complete colony counter including
Software on CD ROM
3 Control Dishes
Quick start guide and user manual
 Computer Desktop PC ready to use with software preinstalled Call
 laser Bar code Reader -Optional accessory Call