Safety Cabinet Beta Gamma Rays

beta work cabinete
  • All round protection for operators and those nearby 
  • Matching safety spill trays
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hinge doors
  • Access for services (cables )
  • Beta Versions in Acrylic
  • Gamma versions Lead Acrylic
  • Pipette Hanger Inside
lead acrylic gamma work cabinet
These cabinets are constructed of either 10 mm clear acrylic (for Beta ) or 12 mm lead acrylic (for Gamma ). They are designed to provide protection from the radioactive compounds used in the detection of proteins and radioimmunoassay. Beta emissions from 32P Phosphorous, 35S Sulphur, 3H Tritium and 14C Carbon are effectively blocked by 10 mm thick optical acrylic. Protection from gamma emitting isotopes such as 125I Iodine, 133X Xenon, 57C Cobalt, 99mTe Technetium, 123I Iodine and 67G Gallium is achieved with lead containing acrylic copolymer. 12mm thickness of this material is equivalent to 0.5 mm thickness of lead. (not suitable for more energetic isotopes of iodine - ask about thicker material )This cabinet has two large side doors to provide easy access. It can also be used as a fully enclosed workstation. There is a large working space and, standing or sitting, the users view is unobstructed. A small cut out in the rear provides for cable entry. When not in use the cabinet can be completely closed for the
storage of radioactive materials. The Gamma version is constructed on a steel frame to provide a rugged support for the lead acrylic material.

Specifications for Cabinet Workstation

Beta Material 10 mm thick acrylic
Gamma Material 12 mm thick lead acrylic
external ~ 500 x 570  x 390

Ordering information- Cabinet Workstation

Part number  Description Price US
SP RPP C Beta Cabinet EMAIL
SP RPP GC Gamma Cabinet EMAIL
SP RPP TY6845 Base Tray Yellow EMAIL
SP RPP TW6845 Base Tray white EMAIL
SP RPP TL6845 Tray liners 25 pk EMAIL