Compact Laboratory Refractometer
Features of the AR200 Refractometer
  • Easy operation just put the sample into the well - push the button
  • Very portable weighs less than 1 lb palm size case
  • NIST traceable calibration oils
  • Inexpensive ~ ideal for education and routine laboratory tasks
  • Power saver auto switch off
  • Small sample volume only 0.1 ml
  • Optional PC connectivity
  • Powered by standard AAA batteries
  • Exacting accuracy to ±0.0001 nD or ±0.1% Brix
  • Up to 3 custom scales may be programmed
  • Software includes single or multi-point calibration, 4 reading modes, and adjustable contrast control
  • New sapphire prism for greater durability and more accurate ATC calculation
  • Optional IR Communication Package enables reading log, calibration log, and custom scale transfer to any lab PC

Introduction to the AR-200 digital refractometer

The AR200 digital handheld refractometer gives you lab accuracy with a handheld unit: twice the accuracy, twice the range, at half the cost of other units. And it’s easy to use. The state-of-the-art AR200 digital handheld measures refractive index, % solids as Brix, or concentration over a broad range: 1.3300-1.5600 nD (0 to 95% Brix) with exacting accuracy to ±0.0001 nD (+/- 0.1% Brix).

The AR200 is engineered with a new sapphire prism that delivers 2.5x more conductivity to temperature than a conventional glass prism, providing greater accuracy of the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) calculation. The result? A more precise measurement every time!  4x harder than glass, the sapphire prism is resistant to demanding applications, providing lasting durability and service over the life of the refractometer.  

Optional IR Communications Package enables reading log, calibration log, and custom scale transfer to any lab PC.

AR200 display


General Specifications for the AR200 mini lab refractometer
Parameter Specifications
Refractive Index 1.3300 - 1.5600
Accuracy +/- 0.0001 nD
Resolution 0.0001 nD 0.1% Brix
Brix 0 - 95%
Calibration Set Point or Set Point/Span User Definable
Measuring time ~ 1.0 seconds
Minimum sample ~ 0.1 mL
Temperature range and compensation -12 - 43 degs C (10F to 110F)
Power  4 x AAA, batteries
Dimensions 7 x 3.75 x 1.36 inches
Weight 410 g ( 0.9) lb
IR Communications Package (Docking Station & Software)
  AR200 with IR Communications Package
Ordering Information Lab Refractometer AR200
Model Description Part No Price USD order online
LE AR200 Digital  refractometer as shown including hard shell case and instructions. LE-AR200 $1299.00
LE AR200 UL with IR Uplink cradle and software   $1740.00  

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