Rain Gauge -Tipping Bucket

digital manometer
  •  Individually calibrated for precise measurements. 
  • Rugged design - 100% corrosion resistant materials  
  • Designed according to World Meteorological Organization guidelines
  • Heated version available, eliminates snow and ice. 
  • Direct Cloud Visualization when combined with HD33 data logger  
  • Standard 0.2mm resolution -0.1mm upon request
  • 2% Accuracy
  • Analog and digital outputs available

Reliability, accuracy and durability. That is the basic thought behind the design of the HD2013. Completely constructed of corrosion resistant materials, the HD2013 rain gauge is built to withstand even extreme conditions. To guarantee a wide range of use, depending on the environment where the rain gauge is placed, there is a choice between heated or non-heated version. 

The principle of a tipping bucket rain gauge is simple: depending on the quantity of rainfall, the tipping bucket mechanism fills and empties. Every tipping action operates a reed contact: in this way counting the quantity of the rainfall. This means that the tipping bucket has one enormous advantage: it needs no power supply to operate. Power supply is only a necessity when circumstances demand heating because of low environmental temperatures. 

 Reading the number of counts, in other words reading the rainfall, can be done locally by using a local (battery operated) datalogger. But it is also possible to communicate directly the results through one of our dataloggers of the HD33 series. The built-in 4G/3G/GPRS modem makes it easy to upload the data directly to one of our cloud applications or to your own secured server. 

 When ordering, the rain gauge is completely setup to be used. Easy to install, adjustable feet and leveling device integrated. Bird spikes and accesories for raised mounting available.

Rainfaill Graph

Technical Specifications 

Principle Tipping Bucket
Collection Area 400 cm^2
Contact Output Voltage free
Analog Output 4-20mA or 0-10V (Analog Output is optional andmust be specified when ordering)
Digital Output SDI-12  (Digital Output is optional andmust be specified when ordering)
Power Supply 12 or 24VDC for version with heating / 7-30 VDC for 4-20mA Output and SDI-12 / 13-30VDC for 0-10V output
Power Consumption 100uA for SDI-12 @ 18VDC / 4mA for Vout @ 18VDC / 26mA for Iout @ 18Vdc / 165W for heated option
Resolution 0.1mm or 0.2mm or 0.5mm per tip
Maximum Rainfall 600mm/h (for 0.2mm resolution) 1,000mm/h (for 0.5mm resolution)
Operating Temperature 0 to 70C Standard / -20 to +70C (with heater installed)
Heater Kick on +4C
Protection IP64

Ordering Information


P/N  Description  Request a Quote
HD2013.18 Bird spikes (eight spikes Ø 3 mm, height 60 mm) Contact Us
HD2013.5K Kit for the installation of the rain gauge raised 500 mm off the ground and the levelling
HD2013.5K.1 Kit for the installation of the rain gauge raised 1 m off the ground and the levelling
HD2003.75 Flange with spear tip for the ground installation
HD2003.78 Flat Base for mounting on flat roof or floor
HD2013-DB Rain indicator data logger with LCD display; reads and stores up to 32,255 pulses.
HD33...Series 4G / 3G / GPRS data logger series for remote communication / Cloud