Solar Panel Global Irradiance Monitoring

  • Measures irradiance on a flat surface W/m^2
  • Small, simple and cost effective  
  • World Meteoroligical Organization compliant
  • Easy to setup and install 
  • Passive output or 4-20mA loop
  • Perfect for entry level solar radiation monitoring 

LPPYRA-Lite is a very small and light pyranometer based on an accurate thermopile sensor for ordinary monitoring of small PV systems. Its exceptionally compact dimensions ease the installation and the integration into any application.

At the same time, being a Class C Spectrally Flat according to ISO 9060:2018, it guarantees the accuracy, reliability and precision of the measurements, in compliance with the reference standards. Each sensor is characterised by its own calibration factor, indicated on the body of the pyranometer. Specifically designed for direct tilted installation on PV panel plane, it does not require any levelling device, but for installations where horizontal positioning is needed, an optional fixing base with integrated levelling device is also available.


Technical Specifications

Sensor type Thermopile 
Range 0 to 2000 W/m^2 
Sensitivity  5 - 15 μV/Wm^-2 or normalized 7 μV/Wm-2
Viewing Angle   2pi Steradian 
Spectral Range  300 to 2800 nm 
Output (passive)  μV/Wm-2 impedance 33-45 ohm
Output (active) 4 - 20mA (RL ≤ 500 Ω) current loop
Power Supply (passive) Not required 
Power Supply (active) 10 to 28VDC 
Operating Condition   -40 to 80C / 0 - 100% RH / IP67
MTBF > 10 years
Dimensions 55m x 49mm H x W

ISO 9060:2018 Specifications

Classification  Spectrally Flat Class C  
Response time (95%) < 25 s
A. Response to a 200 W/m^2 thermal radiation < |±20| W/m2
B. Response to a 5 k/h chang in ambient temp < |±6| W/m2
Total zero offset including the affects A, B, and other       300 to 2800 nm 
Long term instability (1 year) < |±2| %
Non Linearity  < |±2| %
Response according to the cosine law < |±25| W/m2
Spectral error < |±2| %
Temperature response (-10 to +40C)  < 3 %
Tilt response < |±3| %

Ordering information

Model Description Order Online
LPPYRA-Lite  Passive analog in  µV/Wm-2
LPPYRA-Lite-AC 2-wire (current loop) 4 - 20 mA
CPM12AA4.xx  Cable with 4-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other end. Available length: 2, 5 or 10 m
LPS40/32 Mounting plate