Force Gauges and Stands

Digital push pull force gauges measure the tension or compression applied to the probe. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

high accuracy force gauge

AFG Advanced Digital Push/Pull Force Gauge

0.1% accuracy
Ranges from
2.5 to 2500 N
Readout in kg, gm, KN Kg, lb, oz
RS232 and analog output
Built in memory
Peak Hold

push-pull digital force gauge

BFG Digital Push/Pull Force Gauge

0.25% Accuracy
Ranges from 10 to 2500 N
Readout in kg, gm, KN Kg, lb, oz
RS232 and analog outpu

DS2 Digital Force Gauge: an easy to use digital guage with large display

Accuracy: ±0.2% F.S. ±1 LSD
RS232 and analog outputs
Ranges from 2-1000 N



Z2 and ZP Force gauges. Programmable, USB output

Accuracy: ±0.2% F.S. ±1 LSD
Ranges from 2-1000 N
RS232 and Analog Output
Programmable alarm points

DTX2 Cap Torque Tester
Imada’s cap torque tester offers programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing. Store up to 1,000 values in memory, which can be transmitted using the serial output. Use the real time mode to display torque transients, or the peak mode to capture the peak torque achieved during a test. Selectable measuring units of lbf-in, kgf-cm, or N-cm
Mechanical Push/Pull Force Gauges FB & PS Series
The FB/PS/MF series push pull force gauges read out directly on a mechanical dial in kg, or kg and Newtons. The unit will hold the highest reading obtained on the gage until released by the red button. These are convenient compact instruments economical and always ready to use. Comes complete with a set of probe tips and extension rod as shown
.:Test Stands:.
Horiztonal Test Stands
Manual lever, wheel, and motorized models available.
Vertical Test Stands with computer control
The Mecmesin Multitest i series test stands use a range of precision force transducer to measure the compressive and tensile forces applied to the sample. The MultiTest-i is available in a range of capacities to meet your exact testing requirement,
Motorized Vertical Test Stands
The multitest motorized stands can accomodate specimens up to 510 mm in height and apply a tensile or compressive load up to 2500N (550lbf)
Universal Testing Machine
High precision mechanical testing machine up to 50 KgF
Universal Testing Machine
High precision mechanical testing machine up to 20KN

MX Series Vertical test stands offer consistent testing and force control capability. The combination of screw drive system and state-of-the-art brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range. Connect an MX series test stand with an Imada Z Series force gauge to enable force controlled testing and Conditional Overload Prevention.
Manual Vertical Stands
Accuracy: ±0.01"/0.2mm
The LV-220 test stands provide a convenient, reliable, and easy-to-use means of performing consistent force testing. The stands accept any of the standard capacity Imada force gauges. Model LV-220S is equipped with a digital distance meter. The optional extender plate will double the clearance.
vertical wheel drive test stand

Horizontal with optional feet
• 1kN capacity
• Robust design
• High precision
• Compact & portable
• Handwheel operation
• Tension & compression


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