Polarimeter Tubes and Accessories

This comprehensive range of polarimeter tubes from Schmidt and Haensch are precision engineered from high quality laboratory grade glass or stainless steel. They have a 30 mm diameter support flange and meet the standards of ICUMSA Class A and the corresponding specifications of the OIML and the Australian Standard K157. The range includes many standard types and models for small samples, continuous measurement, and temperature controlled samples. We can also supply special tubes to meet specific requirements.

Choosing a Polarimeter Tube
Generally speaking longer tubes are better than shorter tubes, because the effects of artifacts such as manufacturing tolerances, contamination from residues and sample heterogeneousness are proportionately lower in a long tube. The most common tube lengths are 100 or 200 mm.. The 400 mm tubes are for visual sugar polarimeters. When testing colored samples it is sometimes necessary to use shorter tubes to reduce light absorption. The amount of absorption varies exponentially with length while the angle of rotation is directly proportional to length. The 190.09 mm and 95.04 mm tubes are for per cent observation for diabetes urine-sugar analysis. They are designed for testing in a circle polarimeter at a wavelength of 589 nm. The unknown glucose concentration in the test solution corresponds directly to the angle of rotation with the 190.09 tube and double the angle with the 95.04 mm tube.

Flow Through Tubes
Flow through tubes are recommended when a large number of measurements are required from solutions of essentially the same type. Flow through tubes are built in versions for manual sample changing with a funnel or automatic sample changing with a pump or dosing system. Flow through tubes work on the principle of completely displacing the current sample in the tube with the next sample to be measured. To do this a minimum sample volume of 60 cc is required.

T-Cell Polarimeter Tubes

T-Cell Polarimeter tubes with automatic temperature regulation:

The optical activity of the sample, measured in angular degree, is a physical property of the dissolved optically active substance. The measured rotation is directly influenced by the concentration and the specific optical rotation of the active substance as well as the temperature, the tube length and the wavelength of the used light. The temperature dependency is specific for each substance.

To be able to compare several measuring values, the reference temperature for polarimetric measurements is 20°C (or 25°C). For some substances the effects of temperature changes on the measured angle are well-known. One example is sucrose solution. Most polarimeters have implemented the so-called sugar scale °Z, which includes a factor to automatically compensate for the temperature dependency using integrated temperature measurement of the sample.

For all other substances and multiple compound solutions the customer should measure at the reference temperature of 20°C. Otherwise a lower precision of the measuring value will be the consequence.

The most common way to cool or heat the sample is to connect the sample tube with an external water bath. This is still the best solution for fast serial measurements with large sample volume.

Today, polarimeter tubes with integrated Peltier-elements are available. The newly developed T-Cells are controlled by a separate, user friendly electronic unit which has its own power supply.

Temperatures are set on the electronic unit or directly on the display of the polarimeter.

Even through the reference temperature for polarimetric measurement is 20°C or 25°C , T-Cells have the capability to heat and cool samples in a wider range from 18°C till 60°C in shortest time for special applications. This allows the analysis of temperature dependencies for individual substances.


  • Accurate temperature control without external water circulator
  • Broad temperature range can be controlled (18°C - 40°C)
  • Nearly silent operation 
  • Fast cooling of warm samples within a few minutes
  • Tube length 100 mm 
  • Single or flow through measurement
  • Made from stainless steel
  • T-Cell is splash prove (IP65)
  • Controlled by separate electronic unit 
  • Automatic recognition of tube length and thermal extension coefficient by the polarimeter
  • Can be used in all S+H digital polarimeters of Unipol L series 
  • T-Cell calibration kit for temperature validation and calibration
Consists of T-Cell polarimeter tube and  electronic unit 
T-Cell polarimeter tube 
Automatic electronic heating and cooling of the sample 
Temperature range: 18°C - 40°C
Temperature precision: ± 0.1°C
Temperature stability: ± 0.05°C
Time for ΔT = 10°C: approx. 10 min
Tube length 100 mm 
Sample volume approx. 12 cm3
Contact material Stainless steel, float glass
Protection class IP65
T-Cell Electronic Unit 
Display Two lines, illuminated backround
Power supply 100 -240 V, 20 VA

Standard Glass Tubes
Length (mm Volume cc Part No. $US
100 5.5 02595 $445
200 10.5 02596 $445
Basic economy tubesAdd item to shopping cart
Glass Tubes with a bubble trap
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
50 8 02604 $425.00
100 10.5 02600
200 16.5 02601
Add item to shopping cartThe tube diameter is flared at one end. These tubes should be filled at the narrow end, and after filling and sealing they should be gently rotated so that any air bubbles present can collect in the flared end.
Glass Tubes with a Filler Cap
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
50 3 02611 $499.00
100 6 02607
200 12 02608
95.04 5.5 02612 $450.00
190.09 11 02613
Add item to shopping cartThe filler cup in the middle of the tube allows easy filling and emptying of the tube. To remove bubbles the tube is gently rocked so that bubbles can escape through the filler opening. The end caps can be removed to facilitate cleaning.
Micro Glass tubes for small sample volumes
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
50 0.55 09221 $728.00
100 1.10 09222

Add item to shopping cart Reduced diameter tubes ( 3 - 5 mm ) are used when only a small volume of sample is available. The bubble free filling of these narrow tubes is best accomplished with a syringe
Quartz Glass Microtube with temperature control jacket
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
100 1 cc 08962 1860.00
 Stainless steel tubes 
Length (mm) Vol cc Part No. Price $US
100 12 02614 $1470.00
200 17 02619 $1470.00

 Add item to shopping cart

Stainless steel sample tubes with center filling cap. 6mm hose connection for water circulation. Built in temperature sensor

Flow through tubes for manual sample changing with filler funnel and outlet pipe
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For Photoelectric Polarimeters
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
100 12 09212 $1475.00
200 17 09213
Add item to shopping cart

For photoelectric polarimeters the flow tube is held in place by the door of the measuring compartment and a special holder is not necessary. The supply and drain pipes are straight.

Flow through sample tube (stainless steel) with funnel and riser, additional with 6 mm hose connection for water circulation.
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
100 12 09216 $1670.00
200 17 09217 $1670.00
flow through polarimeter tube
Add item to shopping cart

For photoelectric polarimeters.

With temperature control jacket and sensor
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
100 12 03820 $2420.00
200 17 03830 $2420.00

For use with the Saccharomat, Polartronic M and H series Polarimeters. These tubes have an integral temperature sensor that is plugged into the polarimeter to make automatic temperature correction. Shown in sample well of a Polartronic

Stainless Steel Flow through tubes with hose connections for Automatic Sample Changing
For Photoelectric Polarimeters
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
50 10 09628 $1200.00
100 12 09208
200 17 09209
Add item to shopping cart Automatic flow through tube
with temperature control jacket
Length (mm) Volume cc Part No. $US
100 12 09214 $1375.00
200 17 09215 $1375.00
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The automatic flow through tubes for photoelectric polarimeters have longer connecting pipes so that they can be held in place by the measuring compartment door.

 Stainless steel Micro Tubes with  connections for automatic sample changing
Length (mm) Vol cc Part No. Price
10 ~ 1.5 02748 $560.00
Add item to shopping cart
Small stainless steel polarimeter tubes with fittings for automatic sample flow arrangements 4mm hose connection

Temperature Sensor
Length (mm)
Part No.
Temperature sensor for M and H series polarimeters. Plugs into sample chamber.

Quartz control plates are measuring standards, used as testing and adjusting kits for polarimeters.

Quartz Control Plates Quartz control plates are measurement standards which serve, mainly in the sugar industry, as test and reference standards for polarimeters. They are plates of optically pure quartz about 0.4 to 1.6 mm thick which are ground with high precision to have parallel surface perpendicular to their optical axis. They are mounted in tubes and their optical rotation is measured to better than 0.01 degrees. Each control plate comes with a test certificate to document its value. It is not possible to manufacture control plates to predetermined rotation values, but we keep stocks of control plates with differing rotation values so it is easy to obtain one with a value suitable to your purpose.

Thin quartz plates (0.4 to 1.6 mm thickness) are polished with highest precision vertically to the axis and plane parallelly.For reasons of mechanical stability, plates with a low angle of rotation (between -24 °Z and +24 °Z)are produced as double quartz plates (combination of a dextro and a laevorotatory plate).

For each quartz control plate a factory certificate is supplied, indicating the absolute angle of rotation in angular ° and °Z for the wavelength 405, 546, 587, 589.3, 589.44, 633 and 882 nm. The angle of rotation of the quartz plate is directly correlated to its thickness and will be indicated at a temperature of 20 °C for the wavelength 589 nm.

Single quartz control plate Part # Price
Standard sugar degree: - 30°Z (±1°Z) 00613
Standard sugar degree: +25°Z (±1°Z) 00616
Standard sugar degree: +50°Z (±1°Z) 00618
Standard sugar degree: +75°Z (±1°Z) 00619
Standard sugar degree: +99°Z (±1°Z) 00621 $2,325.00
Sugar degree in the range of -99 bis -25 und +25 bis +99 ºZ (+/-1 ºZ/ +/-0.35º) * the required value must be specified in your order 03227 $3,000.00
Double quartz control plate
Standard sugar degree: +15°Z (±1°Z) 00614
Standard sugar degree: +20°Z (±1°Z) 00615 $3,000.00
Sugar degree in the range of -24 bis +24ºZ (+/- 1ºZ) * the required value must be specified in your order 03228 $3,650.00

TQCP - Triple Quartz Control Plates for Polarimeter calibration and verification

In addition to Single Quartz Control Plates (SQCP) Schmidt+Haensch is now announcing new Triple Quartz Control Plates. They consisting of one left and one right turning quartz plate, mounted in separate housing. They can be used together for a combined rotation. That means that one plate is on the left and one on the right side of the holder. If one plate from the holde is removed, the plates can be used separately. Each QCP, manufactured by Schmidt+Haensch, comes with a factory certificate showing calibration at 7 different wavelengths and traceability to PTB not older than two years. Five models are available.

Degree Consisting of: Part # Price
TQCP 15 + 15°Z / +5.25 angular degree (°) SQCP +45 °Z / +15.75 ° and SQCP -30 °Z / -10.5 ° 10431 $3485.00
TQCP 20 + 20°Z / +7 angular degree (°) SQCP +50 °Z / +17.5 ° and SQCP -30 °Z / -10.5 ° 10432 $3485.00
TQCP 45 + 45°Z /+15.75 angular degree (°) SQCP +75 °Z / +26.25 ° and SQCP -30 °Z / -10.5 ° 10433 $3485.00
TQCP 69.5 + 69.5°Z / +24.33 angular degree (° SQCP +99.5 °Z / +34.65 ° and SQCP -30 °Z / -10.5 ° 10434 $3485.00
TQCP 5 + 5°Z / +1.75 angular degree (°) SQCP +30 °Z / +10.5 ° and SQCP -25 °Z / -8.75 ° 10430 $3985.00
Custom values on request 10444 $4400.00

Washers and cover Glasses
Washers and covers glasses form the end seals of the polarimeter tubes. They are available in two sizes 15.5 mm diameter for all tubes except the flared ends of the bubble traps which take 23,7 mm diam glasses. Note that the purpose of the washers is to protect the end of the glass tube from stress when the screw caps are applied, the seal (and the precise length of the tube) is formed solely by the mating of the finely ground surface of the tube with the cover glass. Care should be taken to make sure that the mating glass surfaces of the cover and tube are clean and free of residue as this can lead to leaks. Washers that show signs of hardening or creasing should be replaced and care should be taken not to stress the cover glasses.

Cover glasses Part No. $US  view shopping cart
Cover glass for 15.5 mm OD tubes pack of 10 01811 $150.00 Add item to shopping cart
Cover glass for 23.7 mm OD tubes with bubble trap 01812 $250.00
15.5 mm OD pack of 10 01813 $25.00 Add item to shopping cart
23.7 mm OD pack of 10 01814 $25.00

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