Polarimeters / Saccharimeters

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Application Notes
Amino Acid
Essential Oils
ICUMSA List of Methods
Invert Sugar
Isomalt Concentration
Milk Lactose in milk
Milk Sucrose in milk
Purity Analyzer - POL Polarimeter-Refractometer
Infra Red -Dark Samples using NIR
Raw Starch Determination
Single or Dual-wavelength high resolution 0.001 degree VariPol B & C

Dual-wavelength high resolution 0.001 degree "Polartronic M"

Polarimeter touch screen

Dual-wavelength with resolution 0.01 degree "Polartronic N"

  • Polartronic N & M
  • High Resolution
  • Continouse measurement
  • LED light source
  • Single or dual Wavelength
  • IR Option 882nm

Automatic 0.01/0.001 degree Circle Polarimeter "Unipol- L series"

Polarimeter Unipol
  • Unipol Series
  • High & Medium Resolution models
  • LED light source
  • Single Wavelength
  • Best buy for education

 Wedge Saccharimeter

  • Saccharomat
  • Quartz wedge Saccharimeter
  • Long term accuracy and stability

Saccharimeter Touch

  • Fully electronic sugar polarimeter (saccharimeter) using the unique principle of quartz wedge compensation
  • Less wavelength dependency compared to circle polarimeters
  • Instrument does not need re-calibration at any time
  • Touch screen interface

Chemist / Student half shadow manual Polarimeter

sugar purity analyzer POL

Polarimeter Tubes

Polarimeter tube

Polartronic H532 5 wavelengths Spectral Emmission Lamps

Polartronic 5 wavelength  
  • Polartronic H532
  • 5 Wavelengths
  • Spectral Emmission Sources
  • High resolution 0.001
  • Most accurate research instrument


Student Polarimeter

  • P1000-LED
  • simple and robust
  • high quality metal stand
  • tubes up to 220mm
  • manual operation

Coloromat Sugar Colorimeter

coloromat spectrophotometer
  • Coloromat 100
  • Absorption and transmission measurement of liqid samples at up to 9 wavlengths.
  • The new designed Coloromat S allows easy measurement of transmission, extinction and ICUMSA liquid colour units at the recommended standard wavelength 420 nm.

Sugar Related Instruments

sugar instruments