Industrial pH probe inline or submersible built in pre-amp

tuff pH probe with NPT fitting
  • Inline or submersible
  • 3/4" MNPT fittings
  • Rugged pH tip, Easy to clean
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Detached Differential preamp built into
  • Detachable cable with built in pre-amp.
  • Fast response
  • Non clogging reference junction
  • Sealed cross linked polymer reference junction
  • Built in wrench flat
  • Magna flow double junction provides longer life in ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, sulfides and other poisoning ions


pH range GXV membrane 0 - 14
Temperature range 0 to + 120° C
Maximum pressure 100 psi @ 70°C
Wetted materials Glass and graphite filled Ryton, Ceramic

Introduction TuffTip Industrial pH Electrode

Specially designed for convenience of electrode replacement where minimal troubleshooting and maintenance downtime are of prime importance. The P821 is suitable for virtually all applications where a high performance sensor is required, either in-line or submersible installation. The electrode features a detachable cable with an integral preamplifier which eliminates any ground loop problems. The preamp converts the high impedance signal into a stable, noise free signal.

The sensor is housed in a chemically resistant, graphite filled Ryton® with Viton® O-Rings. The graphite filled Ryton body is used as a solution ground. The electrode tip is constructed in a unique Tuff Tip® guarded tip design with a Magna-Sens® peripheral ceramic reference junction. The Magna-Sens reference junction provides longer life in harsh, dirty applications and in process solutions containing a high solid content. It is also superior in applications such as lime slurry waste treatment, paper machine headbox and pigment / dye applications. The reference does not require electrolyte replenishment during the life of the electrode.

Ordering Information

Model Description Price each
TP822GXV P822 GX2 ,membrane, TuffTip probe with 3/4" NPT fitting 10 ft cable and BNC connector, PT1000 call