Electrochemistry pH/ORP/mV directory


Laboratory Electrodes
pH ORP combination
Reference electrodes
Glass and epoxy body
pH electrode
micro pH probe
Spear tip pH electrode for semi solids meats and cheese etc. spear tip pH electrode
Tuff Tip protected tip laboratory pH electrodes tuff tip pH probe
Industrial low cost submersible screw in pH electrode with 3/4" MNPT pipe thread, options in kynar and SS submersible ph probe
Twist lock probes quick insertion with o ring seal
pH orp and conductivity probes
pH electrodes for pipe fitting 3/4" MNPT with built in preamplier.
industrial pH electrode
ORP electrodes for pipe fitting 3/4" MNPT
Ion Selective Electrodes
Non Glass ISFET pH electrodes ISFET non glass pH probe


Electrode withdrawal load lock 3/4' NPT for 12mm electrodes pH, ORP, mV, DO electrode load lock device
Electrode Retraction system allows isolation and calibation without removing the electrode from the fitting. electrode retractions system

pH Transmitter Transducer

pH in - 0/4-20mA or 0-10 Volts output


ISFET (non glass) pH meters
Economy Portable pH mV ion meter
Economy pH / mV / ion meter

Portable Dual Channel Electrochemistry

C5010 pH / mv / DO /conductivity
C5020 pH / mv / DO /conductivity Salinity TDS 300 point memory

Portable Electrochemistry meter
C6010 pH / mv / DO /conductivity
C6030 pH / mv / DO /conductivity + Ions

Data logging

Multichannel Electrochemistry Meters
pH, mV, ions, conductivity, salinity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, datalogging USB ethernet

C3010 2 channel pH / mv / DO /conductivity
C3040 6 channel pH / mv / DO /conductivity
C34XX 2 channel meter and 4 pole conductivity input
C3060 8 channels pH/mv/ions 2 channels conductivity resistivity

Electrochemisty multichannel
pH, mV, ions, conductivity, dissolved oxygen
Data logger 4 to 448 channels
RS 232


Dual Channel Controller

Two independent channels for pH/mV/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen

Proportional Control
RS485 or Ethernet interface

ph controller
Clear acrylic flow cell holds two standard size (~12mm) electrochemistry probes and includes a built PT1000 temperature sensor. electrochemistry flow cell