Probe retractors for electrochemistry probes and 
electrodes in process lines and tanks
Phoenix Probe Retractor
  • Retract and insert probes in process line and tanks
  • Reduced electrode handling
  • Built in cal/clean chamber
Electrode Retraction
The PhastTrac 2000 allows removal of probes from a process line or tank without disrupting the process. There is a clean / calibration chamber built into the retractor so that the probe can be cleaned and or calibrated without physically removing the probe from the retractor. The pHastTrac is available with different fittings to match your pipe work. The retractor in the picture shows a 1.5 inch NPT male fitting.

Ideal for applications in the food, process, pharmaceutical and other industries where frequent cleaning and calibration of electrodes is required.


Temperature range during operation 0 - 90 degs.° C
Pressure range 0 - 100 psi @ 25° C
0 - 50 psi @ 90 ° C
Wetted materials 316 L Stainless steel
Viton O rings