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Hand held Dissolved Oxygen meter

Hand held oxygen monitor

Features of the 92-50 DO meter

  • Polargraphic Sensor
  • Easily replaceable membrane cap
  • Displays percent saturation to 0.1%
  • Displays concentration to 0.1% mg/L (ppm)
  • Pressure and salinity compensation
  • Immersible and non immersible probes for field and lab measurements
  • RS232 and driver included for PC download
  • Rugged molded case watertight and splash resistance
  • CE approved
Model 92-50 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Portable, battery operated, and microprocessor controlled the Jenco 92-50 is a completely self contained instrument for measuring dissolved oxygen in the lab or on location. The instrument provides 3 distinct measurements; the CURRENT TEMPERATURE, the DISSOLVED OXYGEN % a measurement of oxygen in percent saturation and the DISSOLVED OXYGEN PPM, a measurement of oxygen in ppm. A mode key toggles the display between ppm and % saturation. Temperature is always displayed. The DO kits detailed below contain everything you need to start taking DO measurements.
Dissolved Oxygen is a measure of the free oxygen dissolved in water. It is an indicator of water quality. The amount of oxygen that can be held by the water depends on the water temperature, salinity, and pressure. Gas solubility increases with decreasing temperature (colder water holds more oxygen). Gas solubility increases with decreasing salinity (freshwater holds more oxygen than does saltwater). Both the partial pressure and the degree of saturation of oxygen will change with altitude . Finally, gas solubility decreases as pressure decreases. Thus, the amount of oxygen absorbed in water decreases as altitude increases because of the decrease in relative pressure.

Field Probe Assembled
Field probe with cover removed showing replaceable membrane

Specification of 92-50 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Display Range Resolution Accuracy
Dissolved Oxygen ppm 0.0 - 20.00 ppm 0.01 ppm +/- 2% of span
Percent saturation 0 - 199.9 % 0.1% +/- 0.2%
Temp Deg C -6.0 C 0.1 C +/- 0.1C +/- 1 digit
General Specifications
Display Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
Temperature compensation Thermistor (10Kohm at 25 C) 9250A series
Thermistor (2.252 Kohm ) 9250Y series
Power supply 6 x AAA or 115/230 VAC adaptor
Battery Life ~ 25 hours continuous use
ATC probe Thermistor (10Kohm at 25 C)
Computer interface RS232C driver disk included. needs DB-9 cable connector to PC
Baud rate 300, 600, 1200, 2400 & 4800
Protocol Source code libraries provided for Turbo Basic,Quick Basic, Turbo Pascal and Turbo C.
Memory backup included
Calibration Calibration bottle and sponge included . Calibration routine built in. ( you need to know local atmospheric pressure and salinity )
Ambient temp 0 - 50 deg C
Weight 410 gms
Dimensions 222 x 83 x 71 mm
Ordering Information  view shopping cart
Model 92-50YK-A kit including meter, AC adaptor, batteries, carrying case, Y9002 DO lab probe (for test tubes) and Y9006DO membrane kit.  $840.00  
Model 92-50YK-B kit including meter, batteries, Y9002 DO lab probe ( for test tubes )and Y9006DO  membrane kit. ( no power adaptor no case ) $810.00
Model 92-50YK-C kit including meter, AC adaptor, batteries, carrying case, Y9004 DO field probe ( submersible )and Y9008DO membrane kit. $815.00
Model 92-50YK-D kit including meter, batteries, Y9004 DO field probe ( submersible ) and Y9008DO membrane kit. ( no adaptor no case ) $785.00
Model 92-50Y meter only $350.00  


900YDOF 10 Watertight field probe, 10 ft cable. DO and Temp. $295.00
900YDOL 10 Watertight lab probe, 10 ft cable. DO and Temp $295.00
900YDOK 1 DO powder, 1 sandpaper, 6 replaceable caps for 900YDOF probes $48.00

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