Low Flow Transmitter with LCD Display
for tubes and pipes 6 to 10mm
1 to 10000 ml/m

  • Flow transmitter for low level flow with LCD
  • Analog output
  • Ideal for foodstuff use
  • 6 to 10mm tubing
  • 0.01 to 10L/min
  • Settable parameters via rotating bezel
  • Low pressure loss
  • Calorimetric sensor fast response
  • Simultaneous Flow and temperature
  • Temperature compensated
  • PDF

The OMNI-FIN calorimetric sensor measures small fluid flows, and has been designed especially for use in the foodstuffs industry.
The integrated transducer has a backlit graphics LCD display which is very easy to read both in the dark and in bright sunlight. The graphics display shows measured values and and units. The electronics have an analog output (4..20 mA or 0..10 V) and two switching outputs, which can be used as limit switches for monitoring minimal or maximal, or as two-point controllers. The switching outputs are designed as push-pull drivers, and can therefore be used both as PNP and NPN outputs.Over limit values are signalled by a red LED which is visible at a distance, and by a cleartext in the display. The stainless steel case has a hardened non-scratch mineral glass pane. Set up is adjustable by the programming bezel fitted with a magnet. It is not necessary to open housing to change the set up so ensuring the leakproof integrity of the unit.
Parameters are modified by turning the bezel (e.g. switching point, hysteresis...). To protect from unintended reprogramming, the bezel can be removed - thus acting as a key.

Counter C (hardware and software option):
Preset Counter with external reset option, complementary switching
outputs and actual value display
(modified wiring diagram!)
Counter C1 (software option):
Instantaneous value display with analogue output, pulse-volume
output and totalizer.


Sensor Calormetric measurement
Nominal tube size DN6..10
Process Connection smooth tube for crimp connector or hose
Metering Ranges 6 mm tube: (0.001) 0.01..2 l/min
8 mm tube: 0.025..5 l/min
10 mm tube: 0.05..10 l/min
Special ranges available on request
Measurement Accuracy ±3 % F.S. (H2O dist.)
Repeatability ±1 % of the measured value (H2O dist.)
Temperature Gradient 4 K/s
Start up time 10 sec. after application of operating voltage
Response time in water (25 °C) at average Flow speed of approx. 1-2 sec.
Pressure Resistance PN 10Bar
Medium Temperature 0..+100 °C
Optionally with thermal spacer: 130 °C, 45 minutes max.
Operating Temperature -20..+70 °C (electronics)
Storage Temperature -20..+80 °C
Pressure Loss max. 0.3 bar at max. flow
Supply Voltage 24 V DC ±10 %
Current Consumption < 1W
Switching Output transistor output "push-pull"
(resistant to short circuits and polarity
Iout = 100 mA max.
Switching Hysteresis adjustable, position of the hysteresis depends on minimum or maximum switching value
Display backlit graphical LCD-Display
(transreflective), extended temperature range -20..+70 °C, 32 x 16 pixels, background illumination, displays value and unit, flashing LED signal lamp with simultaneous message on the display.
Adjustment by means of magnet
Analog Output 4..20 mA / Load 500 Ohm max.
or 0..10 V / Load min. 1 kOhm
Ingress Protection IP67
Electrical Connection for round plug connector M12x1, 5-pole
Materials - medium contact stainless steel 1.4571 optional: hastelloy® C-276
Materials - non medium contact

Housing - Stainless
Window - Mineral Glass
Magnet - Samariam-cobalt
Bezel - POM

Weight Approx 0.25 g
Conformity CE mark

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