Welding Electrode Grinder
Patented Euro Tool wet tungsten electrode grinder for effective arc striking and arc stability
oxygen analyzer for welding

Features of the Neutra welding electrode grinder

  • Unique enclosed wet grinding system
  • Protects the welder and the environment.
  • Better TIG welding with a stable arc and consistent level of penetration
  • Correct electrode grain direction
  • Automatic collection of grinding dust
  • Guaranteed accuracy and reliability
  • Longer electrode life - can be ground up to 200 times.
  • No oxidation of the tungsten electrode when wet grinding.
  • CE mark CSA approved

Introduction to tungsten electrode grinding

clean, sharp, uniform electrode points The welding electrode is one of the electrical poles of the arc used in TIG welding. In order to strike and maintain optimum arc conditions the electrode must be ground properly, the tip should be formed into a uniform sharp point. This is very difficult to do by hand. The Neura tungsten welding electrode grinder is a precision wet grinder which produces accurate and repeatable precision grinding of tungsten electrodes. With this system the electrode is guided on to the rim of the diamond grinding wheel so that the point is formed symmetrically and the grinding takes place in correct alignment with the grain structure of the electrode. The Neurta grinding system is totally enclosed so that the grinding residue is contained within the system for safe disposal. There is no dust realeased into the atmosphere. This is safer for the environment and the welder.

Specification of Neutra Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Grinding wheel Diamond
Minimum Electrode length 12 mm
Minimum length reduction 0.5 mm
Power 110/115, 220/240 Volts AC single phase
Approval CE mark and CSA approved
Angle Adjustable jig

Ordering Information Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Model No. Description Price US$
kitT W95-1 Complete instrument with grinding wheel, electrode holder and clamps, grinding fluid, and storage box for parts $2295.00


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