C3030,C3031 2 channels pH/ion/mV +
Dissolved Oxygen /Conductivity / Salinity / Resistivity /Temperature/
Multi Parameter Electrochemistry-meters
USB / Internet connectivity

Features of the C3030(1) Multi probe meter

  • Multi Parameter Analyzer
  • Two pH/Ion/mV channels
  • 2 independent channels for all measurements.
  • Built in help keys guide you through operation
  • Stores up to 12000 measurements plus temperature date and time
  • Bi directional USB (3030)
  • LAN connection (3031)
  • GLP procedures built in
  • Programmable ID and password
  • IP 65 dust proof
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free Windows software
  • Inputs
  • Two BNC inputs for pH, mV, Ion, dissolved oxygen or conductivity
  • Two corresponding reference inputs.
  • Two corresponding temperature inputs.
  • Low voltage DC input for e.g. a mains adaptor.
  • Outputs
  • USB interface for connection to a computer.
  • RS232 interface for connection to a printer.
  • Data-logging
  • Stores up to 12000 values including temperature, time and date.
  • A powerful data acquisition software for PC is available optionally.
  • Cabinet
  • Robust dust and splash-proof cabinet.
  • Display
  • backlit LCD
  • Stability indicator prompts the user when readings should be taken.
  • Hold function allows to freeze the display for convenient reading or recording.
  • Real-time clock displays time and date.
  • Shows a GLP report on the LCD screen.
  • Special features
  • Three year warranty.
  • No electrical interference between electrodes in the same solution.
  • Two-way communication with a printer or computer using Network or USB connection
  • Can be programmed to continue automatically with the measurements or data-logging after a power failure.
  • Password protection prevents any unauthorised access to the instrument.
  • Optional 12 V car adaptor.
  • GLP All procedures for a "Good Laboratory Practice" are on board


Multi Parameter multi channel pH/mV/ion/Conductivity/DO/Temp
This multi channel multi-parameter consort meter simultaneously measures conductivity / salinity / pH / DO and temperature. GLP procedures are built in. Multi point calibrations for pH, Ions and conductivity. The display can automatically sequence through the selected parameters showing each in turn. Available with either USB or LAN connectivity
Ordering Information 
  Price USD  Order
Model C3030 Meter only USB Interface with software and cable $1795.00  
Model C3031 Meter only Ethernet interface with software and cable $2175.00  

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