Moisture Analyzers

GMH 3800 Portable Moisture Meter  
  • Moisture meter for wood,
    building materials, textiles, paper
  • Portable meter with data logging
  • Library of moisture characteristics
Moisture Analyzer Pro PM3Y
  • accuracy of moisture content readout 0,0001%
  • heating components: halogen or IR emitter
  • graphic presentation of drying result, charts: Δm, %M, %D, %R,
  • drying profiles: standard, mild, step, quick
  • finish mode: AUTO 1 – 5, manual, automatic, time defined
  • database of drying procedures: ~1000 records for each data type
  • database of samples
  • interfaces: 2 x USB 2.0; 4IN / 4OUT; RS 232; Ethernet 10/100Mbit

PMR Series replaces PMX

  • Moisture Determination of most products
  • Dry mass determination
  • Drying profiles
  • Permeability of water vapour
  • Easy operation built in progams graphical guide
  • Data base with 99 drying procedures
  • Store up to 1000 products and 100 users
  • Drying profiles (standard, mild, step, rapid)
  • Finish mode (manual, automatic, time defined)
  • Visualization of drying process
  • GLP/GMP printouts and reports
  • IR Emitter standard Halogen optional
  • RS232/USB interface

Anti vibration table consist of solid steel tables with marble inserts to provide stable operation and vibration isolation for precision balances and moisture analysers. The heavy marble insert is mounted in such a way as to be isolated from the steel outer table providing a high damping factor for external vibration.

Available in stainless or mild steel.

The BaleCheck 200 is a professional measuring device for measuring the moisture in bales of pressed hay and straw. It helps you determine, very precisely, the suitability for storage and the quality of hay, straw and grain.


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