The MicroBio Page
Colony Counters
SCAN 4000 HD colony counter with color HD CCD
HD colony counter
SCAN 1200 automatic colony counter with color CCD
SCAN 500 automatic colony counter with color CMOS
SCAN 300 automatic colony counter with color CMOS
Scan 100 Manual Colony Counter
Spiral Plater    
EasySpiral Dilute: Automated sample dilution and plating
EasySpiral Plater: Accelerated Bacterial Colony Enumeration
Sample Preparation
estomacher filter bag system 
Bagmixer estomacher Estomacher bag mixer blends sample and separated liquid in one step using sterile filter bags
Universal Automatic Dosage System
FlexiPump: Dispensing pump for culture media preparation.
Gel Documentation

Range of Fermenters
Small and large volume
computer control
built in pumps
many options and accessories

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TGTC Thermal Cycler
thermal cycler
The TGTC ensures reproducible high performance, including rapid heating and temperature uniformity of the heating block; a robust, spring-loaded heated lid; PC control and fastprogramming with free software upgrades.
-Small, low cost
-Portable Dual Voltage
-Unparalleled block uniformity - ±0.1ºC at 50ºC, -96 well plate compatible
Precision Digital Thermometers
  • Precision Thermcouple thermometer
  • J,K,N,S,T Sensors
  • Measures two independent sensors
  • Temperature Difference measurement
  • Fast Response Time
  • Hold Function
  • Min Max Function
  • Min Max Alarm Function
  • Data Logging (option )
IsoBlock Digital Dry Bath

Key Features of the IsoBlock:

  • Two isolated chambers (independent control of time & temp.)
  • Digital temperature control (set and walk away)
  • Hinged lid (improves uniformity & conserves energy)
  • Available with Quick-Flip universal blocks (supports all common tube sizes and PCR strips)
Radiation Safety
Beta and Gamma

Acrylic and 
Lead Acrylic
Radiation Safety

Storage boxes

Waste bins
& Tip boxes

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