MML-Monocular Microscopes - compact and cost effective: Ideal for the laboratory, for teaching and production. All models are provided with 45° angled ocular head, 360° rotating optical head, stable metal stand including coarse/fine mode and built-in light source. With 230 V power supply (115 V optional).

Biological Standard: The MBL2000 is Robust and universal. Ideal for general microscopy in laboratories, schools and university settings. Expandable to: phase contrast features, dark field condenser, micrometer setup and planachromatic objective lenses. Binocular optical head with angled view and eye-distance-adjustment.


The MBL3000 - Professional Biological Microscope: Binocular/Trinocular Microscopes with Köhler lighting for challenging medical and biological examinations. Includes optional features for presentations. Also suitable for examination of transparent fibres. All models are equipped with planachromatic objective lenses. Expandable with phase contrast setup, darkfield lighting and micrometer ocular pieces.

MBL3200 - Professional Biological Inverse Microscope For identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures. Versatile accessories, universally usable. Mirror reflex and video camera connection via photo- and C-mount video adapter Power supply: 90 - 240 V
  Optical equipment Equipment Lighting Special features Use Price
MBL3200 Trinocular-Invers Microscope
10x plano eyepiece,
objectives 4x/NA 0.10,
10x/NA 0.25,
40x/NA 0.65,
20x phase contrast
XY table, coaxial
iris diaphragm,
filter holder, green filter
6 V 30 W
Inverse microscope,
third tubular feature to
connect to photo and video
Laboratory $3700.00

MBL3300 - Professional Metallurgical Microscope For identification and analysis of steel connections and other metals. Ideal to determine quality, raw material analysis and control of metal structures after heat treatment. Particularly suitable for laboratories and industrial use. The MBL3300 Microscope has a photo tube for connection to a camera or video camera. Power supply: 90 - 240 V
  Optical equipment Equipment Lighting Special features Use Price
MBL3300 Trinocular microscope,
10x & 16x plano eyepieces,
planachromatic objectives,
4x/NA 0.10, 10x/NA 0.25,
40x/NA 0.65
XY table, coaxial coarse /fine,
iris diaphragm, filter holder,
green filter, blue filter
6 V 30 W,
incident light
through objective
Metallurgical microscope
with incident light through
third tubular feature to connect
to photo and video cameras
quality control

MSL4000 - Standard Stereo Microscopes: Optimal price/performance ratio. Varying magnification options and uses are possible through versatile accessories. Includes 45° angled view and eye-distanceadjustment.

MSZ5000 - Professional Stereo Microscopes: Robust stereo-zoom-microscope for professional use, examination of electronics, precision engineeringsynthetic/ plastic products and medical products. This microscope can be used for inspection, assembly, analysis, soldering and polishing and for precision and smooth finishing work. An excellent tool for use in quality control. Due to large zoom range and excellent depth-focus these allow for pleasant work conditions in many fields of application. The robust metal housing ensures reliable performance even in a rougher environment.

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