Isoelectric Focusing System IEF-SYS

  • For IPG strips and IEF gels
  • Large cooling platform area
  • Pick-and-Place’ adjustable electrodes
  • Focusing tray for a maximum twelve IPG strips
  • Rehydration tray included
  • Programmable 3000V power supply
  • Shrouded high voltage connection

Comprehensive Features

• A high-capacity focusing tray that accommodates up to twelve IPG strips
• Adjustable ‘pick-and-place’ electrodes clip conveniently anywhere within the focusing tray to resolve IPG strips 7-24cm in length;colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal
• A cooling plate, manufactured from a special grade ceramic in a large 26x26cm surface area, facilitates effective heat dissipation and homogenous thermal control, particularly during high voltage IEF techniques
• An optional, recirculating chiller, connects quickly and easily to the cooling plate via snap-lock connectors to maintain optimal operating temperatures for IPG strips (20°C) and precast gels (4°C)
• Rehydration tray allows convenient transfer of IPG strips to the focusing tray without time-consuming removal of residual
rehydration buffer; also enables focusing tray to remain permanently in use for IEF to maximise throughput, and provides useful storage at -20°C for focused strips before second-dimension runs
• Electrode frame clips directly on to the cooling plate and includes adjustable electrodes to run horizontal precast IEF and PAGE gels
• 3000V, 150mA, 150W power supply - enables desired Volt-hours for focusing to be attained faster at maximum voltage (option )


This modular design is suitable for almost all flatbed electrophoresis techniques The large 260 mm x 260 mm cooling plate permits the running of virtually all pre-cast and self cast gels. The removable cooling plate has a specially designed ceramic surface, which provides homogeneous thermostatting over it's entire surface. This provides even heat distribution, which is particularly important when using ultra-thin IEF gels at high voltages. Now equipped with rehydration and focusing trays, the CSL-IEF has been optimised to perform first-dimension isoelectric focusing (IEF) with IPG (immobilised pH gradient) strips quickly, easily and reproducibly.


Unit Dimensions Width x depth x height 55 x 35 x 10 cm
Max Gel Dimensions on cooling plate 26 x 26 cm
Focusing Tray Capacity 12 x 18 and 24cm strips;
24 x 7 and 11cm strips
Operating Temperature 4-25°C

ordering information

Part No Description Price $US shop online
TCSL-IEF Flatbed IEF System for IPG strips and Gels including focussing and rehydration trays $1795.00
EV232 EV232 3000 V 150ma 150W power supply $1399.00
TCSL IEF Kit TCSL IEF KIT 1 D combination package with IEF, power supply and chiller call