Ion Source for Sample Cleaning UHV

PSP Vacuum Technology
Ion source for cleaning
  • Great specifications at an attractive price.
  • Variable energy 100 - 3000 eV
  • High beam current even at low energy
  • Variable beam current for different kinds of samples.
  • Low beam energy for sensitive samples.
  • Higher beam energies for rapid etching.
  • Broad 10 mm spot - no rastering required
  • No differential pumping required - bolts directly to 70 mm flange.
  • Supplied with spacer collar to adjust working distance no extra cost.
  • May be used with any inert gas (typically Argon) leaked directly into the source -no need to backfill your chamber.

The ISIS3000 ion source produces a high current, variable energy ion beam for the cleaning of sample surfaces in UHV. It is easily adapted to most UHV systems and is supplied complete with a power supply.


The ion source comprises an oscillating electron discharge source with electrostatic extraction and focusing lens. Inert gas is leaked directly into the discharge chamber where ions are formed at a selected energy of between 100 and 3000 eV. The ions are extracted and focused into a spot of approximately 10 mm diameter at the sample surface where the impact of the energetic ions physically removes surface material thus cleaning the sample.
The gun has a simple rugged design and includes dual filaments to extend in vacuum serviceability. The electronics are 19 inch rack mounting and provide clear analogue metering of beam energy, filament and discharge current.


Source Electronics
Beam Energy 100 -3000 eV Ion Energy variable 0-3000 eV
Beam Current Typically 15 uA Focus potential 0 -100%
Filament Dual Tungsten/Thorium Filament current 0 to 4 A
Mounting Flange 70 mm OD CF port Anode potential 0 -100%
Working Distance 50 to 150 mm Discharge current metering 0 -100 mA
Sample to Flange up to 310 mm Select filament 1, 2 or OFF
Gas inlet flange 34 mm OD CF The source can be run in discharge current metering stabilized mode for safe unattended operation.
Spot size at sample ~ 10 mm
Operating pressure Typically 5 x 10e-6 mbar 
( depending on pumping speed in the vacuum chamber.)

Ordering Information

Model No Description
ISIS3000 Ion source complete with insertion length spacer collar, electronic control unit, source cable, spare filament assembly and instructions