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New Gas Sensors work with Smartphone for setup and monitoring
O2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, NO2, NH3, CH4, Combustible

Ultra Compact Hygrotransmitters

New Catalog Pressure/Temperature/Sensors/Dataloggers
RH/water analysis/pH

High Precision Digital Manometers with data logging
Range or pressure for differential and absolute
Serial interface USB
Data logging
Intrinsically safe option

Particulate Matter Transmitter

PM1.0 PM2.5 PM10

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

HD2013 Rain Gauge
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Featured Products
Net Irradiance Meter LPNET14
Indoor Particulate Matter    HD50PM
Light Flux Meters
Solar Radiation Directory
Spectroradiometer DataLogger
Solar Irradiance Pyranometers
Lux Meters Irradiance
Refractometers overview
  Refractometers Automatic Digital
  Refractometers -high temperature
  Refractometer - Process
  Refractometers hand held
Urine Specific Gravity
Gem Refractometers
  Non contact IR thermometers
Digital thermometers and dataloggers
  RH/Temp loggers
  Dissolved oxygen
  Ion Selective Electrodes 
pH directory 
  pH/mV/Ion/temp non glass type
MicroBiology Page
  Colony Counters
  Electrophoresis directory
  Electrophoresis Power Supplies
  Liquid Handling Products
  Spiral Plater
  Stomach Blenders
  Water Activity
General Laboratory
  Chart Recorders
  Hydronic Manometers
  Digital Manometers
  Radiation Safety Directory
shields, waste bins, monitors
  Seives and Shakers


Analytical balances
  Coolers -Chillers
  Density Meters
  Melting Point Meters
  Flame Photometer
  Nitrogen Generators
  Ultra Dry Air Generators
  Flow Indicator
  Flow Switch
Mechanical Testing
  Compressive and tensile force sensors and transducers
  Digital Push Pull force gages
  Analog force gauges
  High Precision force gauges
  Ultrasonic thickness gages
   Torque Meter
Medical Laboratory
  Clinical refractometers
  Bilirubin Analyzer
Gas Monitors/Analyzers
  a.Combustion emissions analyzer
  b. Portable Industrial Emissions Analyzer
  c. Sniffer 7899 Portable combustible gas analyzer
  CO2 "Guardian" monitor - safety & horiticulture
  Diffusion CO2 monitor - crops.
  Methane CH4 monitor process
  Carbon monoxide CO process monitor
  Combined O2/CO2 analyzer
  Personal safety monitors
  Wall and duct mount safey monitors
  Explosion proof gas safety monitors
  Welding purge gas analyzer
  Refrigerant gas monitor
Surface Science Components
  Twin anode X ray source
  Ion source for sample preparation
  Low Energy Electron Gun for ELS
  Ultra Dry Air Generator
Water Testing
  Field Turbidity
  Lab Turbidimeter
  online Turbidimeter
Chlorine Photometer
Dissolved Oxygen sonde
  Ultra Dry Air Generator for TOC FTIR
  Sound Level Meters
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Thermal Micro Climate Data logger
    Wet Bulb Globe Temperature -WBGT
    Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied - PPD
    Predicted Mean Vote - PMV
CO2, VOCindex, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure
    Particulate Matter PM1.0 PM2.5 PM10
    WIFI Enabled, Color Touchscreen, Instant Cloud and onboard data logging
    Laboratory radiation safety
    Radiation safety products, beta and gamma ray shields, waste bins, radiation monitors
    New palm size Urine Specific Gravity refractometer
    Palm size Ur SG refractometers. Replace your hand held 'hold it up to the light' units with the ease accuracy and repeatability of digital technology.
    pH / ISE Compressed Air Relative Humidity / Dew Point / Temp
    pH and ISE electrodes thermometers
    Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen
    conductivity salinity resistivity Dissolved Oxygen

    Manometers - digital        Oxygen gas monitor   
    RH temperature
    Air Flow

    Solar PV Monitoring Global Irradiance 

    LPPYRA-Lite PV Solar Monitoring

    Spectrally Flat Class C Pyranometer Ultracompact cost effective design.

    ISO 9060:2018 Compliant

    Available in two versions passive or active output.

    Dew Point - Moisture - Water Activity
    RH/ Dew point/Hygrometers
    Dew point transmitter monitor
    Recording logging monitoring
    Small chart recorders

    Data Loggers

    Temperature Data loggers

    small chart recorders Humidity Temperature Recorder
    Long term RH/Temp recorder
    Components DPMs  
    Setpoint comparators,
    process monitors etc..
    Optical properties - Refractometers - photometers
    Refractometershand held refractometer small lab refractometer Chlorine photometer
    Spectrophotometers Digital
    Chlorine Photometer
    Physical properties - force - thickness - size


    Push Pull
    Analytical BalancesElectronic Analytical Balance   Sieves
    Special Instruments

    Food Lab
    head space analysis Includes a range of products for head space analysis, brix measurement, water activity pH and Modified Atmosphere - Packaging;  PBI Dansensor, oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace analyzers for on and off line use, and leak detection systems for carbon dioxide MAP packages. ( Topac provides sales, service and spare parts for PBI products previously sold through Multivac Inc. Multivac customers may contact us topHLance receive more information about new products, parts and service.)
       New pH instruments for food include the non glass pH probes from Sentron the ideal pH system for all food industry applications. See the LanceFET no glass no slip probe for meat and poultry.

    New Spiral Plater, and colony counters. A complete range ofelectrophoresis equipment for electrophoresis including gel apparatus, power supplies, combs, gel documentation systems and transilluminators
    Stomach action Bag Mixer Blenderblenders and supplies from Interscience a complete range of blenders, sterile filter bags and accessories. Bacteria enumeration & colony counters

    Sugar Laboratory Saccharimeters and other sugar laboratory instruments from industry leader Schmidt & Haensch

    Chemistry and Bio Chemistry Laboratory
    refractometerLaboratory and Process Control Instrumentation
    This group includes the products of Schmidt and Haensch, Refractometers for laboratory and process applications and full range of Automatic Circle Polarimeters


    oxygen free weldingOxygen analyzers and purge fixtures for oxygen free welding of high alloy steels. Tungsten electrode grinder.
    Soldering - Oxygen analyzers for monitoring and control of the residual oxygen in the nitrogen purge gas used in re-flow and wave soldering systems

    Surface Science
    Surface Science Components
    Includes products from  PSP Vacuum Technology, SciCam and others -X-ray sources, ion guns, electron guns, multi-channel detectors, electron energy analyzers and parts and service for VSW (Vacuum Science Workshop Ltd) equipment.

    Topac is a distributor of a broad range of scientific, industrial and process control instrumentation.
     Topac provides applications support, calibration and maintenance service for all of the products listed here. Take advantage of our secure instruments on line store for speedy economic purchasing of instruments and supplies.

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