Precision Relative Humidity Temperature Probe and Transmitter
Ultra Compact Hygrotransmitter

  • Capactive Relative Humidity sensor with Pt100 temperature sensor in an ultra compact design.
  • Stainless steel construction suitable for severe enviornments.
  • Wide range out outputs, analog, digital, US.   
  • Ideal for integrating into OEM applications 
  • Comes with free software for measurments and calibrating RH. 

Dual relative humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC applications, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical storage, food transport, greenhouse automation, etc. Equipped with an IP65 stainless steel AISI 304 housing, it is suitable even for severe environments; besides that, its ultra-compact dimensions (Ø14x138 mm or Ø14x155 mm depending on the models) and wide range of outputs (analogue 0…1V, digital RS232C or RS485-MODBUS RTU) make it ideal for integrating into a variety of OEM applications. It is supplied with the HD9817TC software for reading measurements and calibrating the relative humidity sensor.

Relavtive Humidity Specifications

Sensor Type Capacitive 
Sensor Protection  P8, Stainless steel grid and ptfe, 10um
Measuring Range  0 to 100% RH
Sensor Working Range -40C to +80C
Accuracy ±1.5% (0…90% RH), ±2% (90…100%) @ T= 15…35 °C ±(1.5 + 1.5% measure)% @ T= remaining range
Response time at 63% of final reading < 15 s @ 23 °C (air speed = 1 m/s without filter)
Temperature Dependance 2% on the whole temperature range 
Hysteresis and Repeatability 0.4% RH 
Long Term Stability  1% / year

Temperature Specifications

Sensor Type Pt100 1/3 DIN  
Measuring Range  -40C to +60C
Accuracy  ±0.2°C ±0.15% of the measured value
Accuracy ±1.5% (0…90% RH), ±2% (90…100%) @ T= 15…35 °C ±(1.5 + 1.5% measure)% @ T= remaining range
Response time at 63% of final reading < 15 s without filter
Long Term Stability  0.2°C/year

Versions Outputs and connections

P/N: HD9817T1R P/N: HD9817T2R P/N: HD9817TVS

0 to 1 V = 0 to 100% RH

0 - 1 V = -40C to +60C

RS232C non insulated, 2400 baudrate

0 to 1 V = 0 to 100% RH or

0 to 1 V = –40 to +60 °C Dew Point

0 to 1 V = –40 to +60 °C RS485

Modbus RTU non insulated

Load Resistance RL > 10kΩ RL > 10kΩ
Cable Connection  1.5m cable 7 wires + shield 2m cable with DB9 female connector 3m cable M12 8-pole connector
Dimensions Ø14x138 mm Ø14x138 mm Ø14x155 mm

DATA SHEET             |              MANUAL

Ordering information

Model Description Order Online 
HD9817T1R   Dual Temp / RH transmitter. Analog output, 1.5m cable with wire ends  
HD9817T2R  Dual Temp / RH transmitter. RS232C, 2m cable with female DB9 connector  .
HD9817TVS  Dual Temp / RH or Dew Point transmitter. RS485 Modbus RTU + Analog, 3m cable M12-8pole