MAP Mix 9000
Proportional Gas Mixer
The MAP MIX 9000 is a pressure flow device for accurately setting and maintaining the proportions of a gas mix under varying conditions.
proportional gas flow

Features of the Proportional Gas Mixer

  • Fast and accurate gas mixing for Air/O2/CO2/N2 mixes.
  • More economical than premixed gases.
  • Models for vacuum and flow packing machines.
  • Direct reading flow set dial.
  • Easy to use with single dial mixing rate set up.
  • High flow rates.
  • Built in acoustic pressure alarm and relay.
  • Matching gas analysis system available
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Flow rates given in liters/minute ( 1 L/min = 2.118 cubic foot per hour )
To convert cu ft per hour to liters per min divide the cu ft by 2 for a rough estimate.
To convert L/min to cu ft per hr multiply the liters by 2 for a rough estimate.

Introduction to the Map Mix 9000
The PBI MAP Mix 9000 is a proportional gas mixer for air, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and similar gases. The mixer is suitable for a range of applications in modified atmosphere packaging, welding, process control and similar applications. The Mapmix can be set up for use with all kinds of packaging systems including horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines and vacuum systems. The gas mixer settings are stable and repeatable. The gas mix is set directly by the user using the mixer dial on the front panel.

Principle of Operation of the MAP Mix 9000 proportional gas mixer

The MAP Mix 9000 is a pneumatic device which works by balancing pressures from the input gas supplies to ensure that the component gases are mixed at the same pressure regardless of their individual inlet pressures and flow rate. The unit provides constant mix control for a wide range of flow and pressure conditions. The gases are combined in a chamber fed by variable orifices, which are set by the mixing control on the front panel. The mixers are factory set for the gases you specify. In a two gas system the mix control is calibrated directly in proportionality 0 - 100% - gas1/gas2. This single control sets up the required mix. In a three gas mixer, where there are two proportional regulators, the proportionality is set with two controls to set the total mix.
     For vacuum packaging systems or other applications which draw an intermittent flow, a special control valve ensures accurate feeding of a ballast tank. Built in alarms monitor the pressure conditions in the mixer to ensure correct mixing conditions.

Two gas mixer with flow control knob Three gas mixer with flow control knob
What size mixer do you need ? - some guidelines
For flow packaging 
Measure the volume of your biggest package in liters V - multiply this number by the fastest speed of the packaging machine in packages per minute S - multiply the result of this calculation by the purge factor 2.5 
Mixer capacity = VxSx2.5 Liters/min.
For Vacuum packaging

Make the same calculation and substitute the volume of the die for V and 1.5 for the purge factor. (There is less wasted gas in vacuum machine therefore the purge factor is lower )
Specification of MAP Mix 9000
Mixing Range 100 - 0 %
Gases 2 gases :N2/CO2 3 gases : N2/CO2/O2
Accuracy Better than 1% in 10 - 90 % ranges
Flow 150 l/min and 300 l/min versions
Typical Pressure ranges
   2 gas mixer
Inlet 6- 8 bar
Outlet 4-6 bar
   3 gas mixer
( The three gas mixer has a higher pressure drop because the mixer includes two proportional regulators to mix the three gases )
Inlet 7- 8 bar
Outlet 4 - 6 bar
In the case of a vacuum machine the mixer feeds the ballast tank of the vacuum machine and the outlet pressure of the mixer can be adjusted to match the packing machines requirements
    In the case of a flow packing machine the mixer provides a free flow mixed gas to the machine which is usually at low pressure. The mixer can maintain the flow up to the maximum outlet pressure.
Mixer adjustment Proportional
Flow adjustment Direct reading scale on front panel control
Alarms Pressure alarm lamp and relay contact.
Cabinet construction Stainless steel 385 x 178 x 178 mm
Power requirements for alarms 110 V or 230 V AC

Ordering Information for Map Mix 9000

MAP Mix 9001 ME, 2-gas, 250L/Min
600400 N2/CO2 Call
600401 N2/CO2 with on-off solenoid valve
600402 N2/O2
600403 CO2/O2
600404 N2/CO2 for buffer tank
600407 N2/O2 for buffer tank
600410 CO2/O2 for buffer tank
MAP Mix 9001 ME, 2-gas, 400L/min
600413 N2/CO2
600414 N2/O2
600415 CO2/O2
600416 N2/CO2 for buffer tank
600418 N2/O2 for buffer tank
600419 CO2/O2 for buffer tank
MAP Mix 9001 ME, 3-gas, 200L/min
600425 N2/CO2/O2
600426 N2/CO2/O2 for buffer tank

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