Flow Transmitter/Switch/ Analog Ouput LCD Display

  • Uncomplicated measurement of flow rates
  • No magnets; uses inductive sensor
  • Long working life thanks to high quality ceramic axis and special plastic bearing
  • Run-in and run-out sections are not necessary.
  • Modular construction with various connection systems
  • Plug-in and rotatable connections
  • Analog output 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
  • Two programmable switches
  • Graphical LCD display, backlit, can be read in sunlight and in the darkness
  • Selectable units in the display
  • Programmable parameters via rotatable, removable ring (programming protection)
  • Electronics housing with non-scratch, chemically resistant glass
  • Rotatable electronic housing for best reading position
  • Small, compact construction designed for industrial use
  • Simple installation
  • Optionally, non-return valve, filter, constant flow rate device in the connection

The flow meter consists of a spinner which is rotated by the flowing medium. The rotor's rotational speed is proportional to the flow volume per unit time. The rotor is fitted with small metal "clamps" made of stainless steel (or optionally titanium or Hastelloy ® ). An inductive proximity switch senses pulses from these clamps and so records the rotational speed, which is proportional to the liquid flow rate.
The OMNI transducer located on the sensor measures the output from the inductive sensor and converts into an analog signal proportional to the rate of flow. The tranducer includes a backlit graphics LCD display which is very easy to read, both in the dark and in bright sunlight. The graphics display shows the measured values and parameters in an easy to read format. The measured values are displayed to 4 places along with units of measure, which can be modified by the user. The electronics produce the analog output (4..20 mA or 0..10V) and two switching outputs which can be used as limit switches or asa two-point controller. The switching outputs are configure as push-pull drivers and can therefore be used both as PNP and NPN outputs. Exceeding the set limit values is signalled by a red LED which is visible over a long distance, and by a clear text on the display. The stainless steel case has a hardened non-scratch mineral glass pane. The unit is operated by a programming ring fitted with a magnet, so that the housing does not need to be opended to change settings. Operating parameters are adjustd by turning the ring to the right or left. (e.g. switching point, hysteresis...). The ring can also be removed to protect the transmitter from unintended or unauthorized programming. An optional goose neck fitting between the sensor head and the electronics provides flexiblity in reading the display and placing the sensor in a confined space.

Metering Range Liters/min Type
1.8 0.1-1.5 OMNI-RRI-010020
12 0.2-10.0 OMNI-RRI-010050
14.4 0.4-12.0 OMNI-RRI-010070
36 2.0-30.0 OMNI-RRI-025080
72 3.0-60.0 OMNI-RRI-025120
120 4.0-100.0 OMNI-RRI-025160
Threaded connections NPT threads on request
G size Types H/L
L1 B C E X
G 3/8 RRI-010G 50 84 29 12.5 16.5 12 22
G 3/8 RRI-010A 50 84 29 12.5 16.5 14 22
G 1 RRI-025G 70 110 53 23 27.5 18 38
G 1A RRI-025A 70 122 53 73 27.5 18 38



Flow Transmitter General Specification

Sensor Inductive
Nominal width DN 10 (RRI-010)
DN 25 (RRI-025
Process connection Female thread G 3/8 , G 1
Male thread G 3/8 A, G 1A
NPT threads on request
Hose nozzle Ø11, Ø30
(other threaded, crimped, and plug-in connections, connections with constant flow rate device or limiters available on request)
Metering Ranges 0.1..100 l/min for details, see table "Ranges"
Accuracy ±3 % of the measured value
Repeatability ±1 % of full scale value
Pressure drop max. 0.5 bar
Pressure Resistance PN 16 bar
Medium Temperature 0..+60 °C
Materials in contact with medium Housing PPS, PVDF (Fortron 1140L4)
Rotor PVDF
Clamps 1.4310 optionally: titanium or Hastelloy®
Bearing Iglidur X
Axis ceramic Zr0 2 -TZP
Seal FKM
Other Materials
Not in contact
PVC cable, SS 1.4305, 1.4301, CW614N nickelled
Electronics Housing SS1.4305, Glass hardened mineral glass
Magnet for adjustement ring-Samarium-Cobalt
Ring POM
Supply Voltage 18-30 VDC, Power consumption <1W
Analog Output 4..20 mA / max. load 500 Ω or 0..10 V / min. load 1 k Ω
Display backlit graphical LCD-Display (transreflective), extended temperature range -20..+70 °C, 32 x 16 pixels, background illumination, displays value and unit, flashing LED signal lamp with simultaneous message on the display.
Electrical connection cable 2 m or for round plug connector M12x1, 5-pole
Electrical protection short cct and reverse polarity protection
Ingress Protection IP 67 (IP 68 when oil filled)
Weight OMN-IRRI-010 approx. 0.4 kg OMNI-RRI-025 approx. 0.7 kg
Ingress Protection IP 65 (optional IP 44)
Conformity CE mark

Ordering Information

Model FLow transmitter Part Numbers Price each
Part Number Part Number - can be rather cumbersome because there are many options - see the pdf for all the possibilities or the online configurator in the store for a standard unit.
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Price guidelines



● Connecter materials - standard PVDF, options CW614N nickelled
● Housing material - standard PPS, options, PVDF or PPS with transparent PSU
● Bore size- determined by flow requirements
● Seal material - standard FKM, options EPDM, NBR
● Number of inductor clamps standard 10, options for 2 or 5 depending of flow rate
● Clamp materials - standard SS1.4310, option depending on media, titanium or Hastelloy
● Analog output standard 4-20mA, option 0-10V
● Counter output instead of analog signal