.:FP8800 Flame Photometer:.

The FP8800 Flame Photometer is used for simple, precise and inexpensive measurement of concentration of alkaline elements in aqueous solutions for analytical applications in process and laboratory. It was developed especially for industrial applications. It features a PROFIBUS DP and two Ethernet interfaces for computer-aided process control (SPC). Two USB-ports are intended for data export (e.g. in .csv format) or firmware update via USB flash drive. Utilising propane or butane as a fuel gas, the FP8800 gives flame-photometric measuring of up to three elements simultaneously (purified and dried air is required). It also allows 99 definable methods, and stores the last 999 measurements. Measurements can be performed either with or without internal standards. Standard solutions are used for calibration, while control solutions are used to verify results. All samples, controls and standards are presented manually. The device can be customized flexibly to users´ requests.

Features at a Glance:
• Excellent quality of measurement
• Precision CV < 0.5% for Na, K, Li at 1 mg/l
• Max. 4 measuring channels + flame detection
and -monitoring
• High durability
• Storage space for up to 99 methodes
• Storage space for up to 999 measuring results
• Large 8.4“ TFT-LCD with 800x600 pixel
• Intuitive operation by touch screen or mouse
• Integrated online help
• Data management in a SQL database
• Complete user management
• Complete traceability of all results
• Permanent availability of all device data
• Interfaces: 1X PROFIBUS DP, 2X Ethernet, 2X USB,
2X RS-232
• Measurement functions are accessible by process interface
• In laboratory environment connection to a LIMS is possible
by internal web service (SOAP)
• Easy export of measuring data on USB flash drive
(Excel .csv format)


Measurement principle Emission flame photometer for determination of alkaline elements (Na, K, Li)
in aqueous solutions
Measuring ranges Sodium 0.01 mg/l to 1000 mg/l
Potassium 0.02 mg/l to 1000 mg/l
Lithium 0.02 mg/l to 1000 mg/l
Measurement readout max. 4 digits
Precision CV < 0.5% for Na, K, Li at 10 mg/l
Stability Drift < 1% / 15 min after warming-up period
Detection limits Sodium < 1 μg/l
Potassium < 2 μg/l
Lithium < 1 μg/l
Spectral selection Precision interference filters
Sodium 589 nm
Potassium 768 nm
Lithium 671 nm
Sample throughput approx. 300 samples per hour
Sample volume < 1 ml
Calibration With linear characteristic: two point calibration
With nonlinear characteristic: adjustment with up to 6 additional standards
Reference Line Measurements with and without internal standard
Methods 99 freely definable methods
Result storage 999 last measurements
Fuel gas Propane, Butane or mixture of both
~0.3 Nl/min, 1.2-1.5 bar
Compressed Air Free of oil, water and particles
~12 Nl/min, 0.9-1.5 bar
Warming-up period approx. 15 min
Display 8.4” TFT-LCD, 800 x 600 pixels
Operation Resistive touch screen and USB mouse
Languages English, German
Interfaces 1X PROFIBUS DP (process interface)
2X Ethernet (Intranet, LIMS)
2X RS-232 (multifunctional)
2X USB (manual data export and firmware update)
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 75 W
Dimensions Width 47 cm, height 49 cm, depth 44 cm

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