Low Energy Electron Source

Electron gun and power supply

The ELS 100 is a low energy electron source designed primarily for Electron Loss Spectroscopy (ELS)

Features of the ELS100 low energy electron source
  • Great specifications at an attractive price.
  • 5 - 100 eV energy range.
  • Low energy spread 0.25 eV FWHM using LaB6 or BaO filament
  • ~1.0mm spot size.
  • Lab6 filament
  • Front panel setting for beam energy, filament current, Wehnelt(grid), anode, focus and beam deflection
  • Sample current monitor from 1 nA to 1 uA with adjustable sample bias from 0 -to+15V
  • Deflectors for sample alignment
  • External Kinetic energy ramp by computer control.
Mechanical details
The source is mounted on a 70mm OD copper gasket flange. The OD of the gun is 33.5 mm and the length is 130.5 mm. The source is mounted to the flange with pillars to suit the insertion length required for your chamber.
Electron Gun Dimensions
The controller supplies filament current and controls the beam energy, extraction optics and beam steering electrodes. There is also a sample current monitor to measure in the range 1 nA to 1uA with adjustable bias ( 0 - 15V ). The beam energy can be programmed externally with a 0-10V signal.(from a DAC for example.)

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