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Follow these links to our complete range of electrophoresis equipment from leading manufacturers. There are many options and possible configurations so if you don't see exactly what you need then contact us for a custom quote.
High voltage programmable This range of high voltage power supplies from Consort meets all modern requirements for electrophoresis. There are ten models to choose from, all with the same great features, quality engineering, and attractive pricing. Electrophoresis power supplies
The EV0220 is our entry level small power supply suitable for most small tanks and applications. The front panel and graphical display are designed for ease of use. The display provides all useful information during runs and will show an on screen help to guide the user in setting up the power supply. The Simple Mode you just have to set your power supply to the desired parameters and press run. This makes the power supply ideal for teaching purposes.
The EV1450 is a 400V 50W power supply suitable for most smaller tanks and applications. The front panel and graphical display are designed for ease of use. The display provides all useful information during runs and will show an on screen help to guide the user in setting up the power supply.

EV2000series.html Is a high-end mid-power range suitable for most applications such as larger tanks or multiple smaller tanks. A robust 150W power supply in a small housing and designed to be easy to use.

The EV2000 series contains 4 different version see below
EV2310 (300V, 1000mA): an excellent choice for blotting, multiple horizontal and vertical gels.
EV2650 (600V, 500mA): all round power supply suitable for most tanks and applications
EV2230 (1500V, 300mA): suitable for higher voltage applications with a need for higher currents
EV2320 (3000V, 150mA): a high voltage power supply in a small form factor suitable for most high voltage applications

The high-power(300W) high-end EV3000 series 5 versions.
In the 300V to 1200V range we have 3 high current versions:
EV3020 (300V, 2000mA): an excellent choice for blotting, multiple horizontal and vertical gels.
EV3610 (600V, 1000mA): our most popular all round power supply suitable for most tanks and applications
EV3150 (1200V, 500mA): suitable for higher voltage applications with a need for higher currents
The 3000V and 6000V version have a special low current mode for IEF applications. The different IEF capable versions are:
EV3330 (3000V, 300mA): a high voltage power supply in a small form factor suitable for most high voltage applications
EV3620 (6000V, 150mA): a high voltage power supply in a small form factor suitable for most high voltage applications
OmniPac series power supplies several models to choose from in the 300V, to 500V range and high current 3A high current electrophoresis power supply
Small low price electrophoresis power supplies from $395.00 electrophoresis power supply

Mini Rapide ultra compact self contained economy system for routine molecular biology procedures. Buffer and gel volumes kept to a minimum to maximise current and separation speed.

Combs for Mini Rapide

horizontal electrophoresis apparatus

Horizontal gel systems molded tanks mini midi maxi size "MultiSub" range
many different sizes for Agarose Electrophoresis for DNA and RNA

Combs for this range

Comet Single Gel System:
The COMET single cell gel electrophoresis systems are designed specifically for single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE). Comet Assays are used to detect and quantify DNA damage and repair within individual cells in genetic toxicology and carcinogenesis studies.

Horizontal gel systems:
HU series Classic system from SciePlas

mini, midi, maxi, size

Combs for this range

Seals for HU and Varigel products

The HPE™ BlueHorizon™ is a flatbed system for horizontal electrophoresis using precast gels, self-cast gels and gel strips. The main applications are isoelectric focusing (IEF - like CSF, seed and food analysis, EPO, separation of antibodies and other recombinant proteins), SDS and native PAGE, 2D electrophoresis as well as separation of nucleic acids.

The HPE™ BlueHorizon™ is a flatbed system can easily be extended to a two-, three- or four deck combination, all under the control of a single power supply and chiller. The tower set-up is secured with stabilizing feet and clamps which lock the individual units together. For bi-directional electrophoresis a unit equipped with a three-electrode lid is available.

SERVA range of precast polyacrylamide gels for horizontal isoelectric focusing. The poylacrylamide layer is either bound to a sturdy support GEL-FIX™, an inert polyester film, activated to bind irreversibly to polyacrylamide, or to NetFix™, an inert polyester fabric, activated to bind
polyacrylamide but open to both sides of the gel.

Serva High Precision 2D Gel Kits

For Flat Bed 2D Electrophresis

Isoelectric focusing system
For a wide range of flat bed electrophoresis applications up to 1500 V to be run. Including wick based electrophoresis, precast horizontal gels and iso-electric focusing
Iso electric focussing
Two new Teaching Gel Tanks for demonstration of horizontal
gel electrophoresis to groups of students:
The TGT6XMINI with six 7x7cm gel trays and TGT4XMINI
with four 7x7cm gel trays.
electrophoresis teaching tanks

Run view
Real-time size fractionation and recovery of nucleic acids

runVIEW is an innovative new system which can be used to maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from EtBr and SYBR stained gels by minimising the number of steps involved in postelectrophoretic purification. Runview consists of a horizontal gel system integrated with a power supply and transilluminator

RunView for small mini and midi gel trays

real time gel electrophoresis
hPAGE horizontal gel system for Polyacrylamide Gels
Whilst vertical systems are commonly used for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, this newly developed unit’s horizontal format allows for a large number of samples to be run simultaneously and combines this with the greater resolution of polyacrylamide compared with agarose. 
Celulose Acetate System runs cellulose acetate membranes and wick-based electrophoresis applications, used particularly in the two-dimensional screening of inherited metabolic disorders in children. cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis

SERVA Precast Polyacryamide Gels for Vertical Electrophoresis

TG Prime Homogenous Gels Separation range from 3 kDa up to 200 kDa
TG Prime 2D Gels in 3 different concentrations
Neutral Gels 5 kDa up to 200 k, homogenous and Gradient
Native Electrophoresis Blue or Clear
HSE High speed Electrophoresis

Mini 10cm Omni Family
Combining both functionality and ease of use, the OmniPAGE CVS10TETRAD and standard OmniPAGE CVS10 systems set the bench mark for simple, versatile vertical mini gel electrophoresis. Each OmniPAGE electrophoresis system can accommodate up to 4 handcast gels and 2 commercial precast gels to provide complete flexibility for individual research needs, while unique sliding clamp technology within the PAGE insert facilitates fast, intuitive leak-free casting.

High Capacity Octi System runs up to 8 gels

Combs for this omni range

Mini Wide Vertical 20 x 10 cms wide vertical electrophoresis topac
  • VS20WAVE
  • Large format 20x20 cm vertical electrophoreis
  • Unique quick clamp "WAVE" systerm
  • Cooling coil option
  • Kits for 2D and blotting
  • How to use video
large format separations electrophoresis

Vertical Gel Electrophoresis - TV Series

  • New super seal no leak gaskets
  • User friendly plate clamping system
  • Fully shrouded connectors on safety lid
  • Gold plated terminals resist corrosion
  • Leak free buffer seals
  • Curved shape of tanks easier to grip and carry
  • Combined gel casting and running module for dual plate versions
  • Float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight sample migration
  • Combs color coded according to thickness - 1mm white, 1.5 mm red, 2.0 mm blue
Scie Plas TVS1400 DNA Sequencer - large format 33cm wide
The TVS DNA sequencing units are designed with cabinet doors and safety lid to provide easy access for loading without compromising safety. All components are shielded and the unit cannot be operated until the doors are closed and the safety lid is in place. A combination or rubber mounted, precision machined aluminum heat transfer plates, float glass plates and securing cams ensure excellent heat distribution and straight sample migration through the gel. A drainage port in the upper buffer tank allows for easy emptying of the running buffer. Combs for this range
Large Format Vertical Gel Unit: 20 x 50 cm and 33x45 cm.
Ideal for a variety of large format vertical gel applications like DNA sequenceing, these units offer advanced features for enhancing gel resolution and ease of use, essential when handling gels of this size. Combs for these large format systems

DGGE Systems

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) is an important technique used in the search for mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in genetic disorders and cancers, and to understand genetic diversity among species. The new omniPAGE VS20WAVE-DGGE is a flexible system that can be fully customised to perform several different mutation detection techniques. The VS20WAVE-DGGE is a versatile single-unit solution for different single-base pair mutation detection methods. The newly designed VS20WAVE-DGGE is a complete system for DNA mutation analysis.

denaturing gradient electrophoresis
MODULAR SYSTEMS and Kits combining Slab Gel, 2D and blotting

Electrophoresis kits - complete omni systems for
Slab Gel, 2D Capilliary and Electro Blotting
Available in Mini 10x10 cm, Wide 20x10cm and Maxi 20x 20cm

electrophoresis kit
The Scie-Plas Modular vertical systems are designed to provide a complete solution to vertical gel electrophoresis in the lab. Comprise three separate modules:-
  • A vertical slab gel module identical to the TV series
  • A 2-D capillary gel electrophoresis module
  • An electroblotting module.
  • Available is mini 10x10 and maxi 20 x 20 format
modular electrophoresis system
The Scie-Plas 2D Electrophoresis system comprises everything needed to run 2D electrophoresis. Both tube gels (first dimension) and vertical slabs (second dimension) can be run using these units.
modular 2D tube gel system

Semi Dry Blotters

  • Fast transfer times
  • Corrosion free electrodes
  • Large active transfer area
  • Low buffer volume
  • Low heat production - less band distortion
  • mini and maxi format 10x10 and 20x20 cm

Wet electro blotting available in three configurations
Mini 10 x 10 cm
Wide 20 x 10 cm
Maxi 20 x20 cm

Electroblotting for Proteins
Mini 10 x 10 cm
Maxi 20 x20 cm

electro blotting for proteins

Hybridisation manifolds dot and slot blotters

96 dots
48 dots
24 slots
48 slots

hybridization manifold
Automated Capillary Electrophoresis:
High performance separation, identification and quantification for size, shape and charged analyses as for entangled polymer solutions, or selected stationary phases commonly used in chromatography.

Gel Multi Caster

  • Cast up to 10 gels at a time for 10 cm system
  • Cast 2 gels at a time for 20 cm systems
  • Uniform or gradient gels
  • Solid acrylic constructions
  • Replaceable seals
  • Leveling feet
  • Level bubble


Gel Dryer

  • 800 Watt heating membrane provides even heat distribution
  • Dries sequencing gels up to 40 x 50 cm in as little as 30 minutes
  • Quickly dries multiple small format gels
  • Accurate temperature control up to 90 degs C
  • 5 hour timer for heating
  • 5 hour timer for vacuum
  • Purpose built Gelmaster vacuum pump simultaneously serves up to 3 dryers


gel dryer for electrophoresis gels

Gradient mixers

  • Flat base for use with magnetic stirrers
  • Support rod for stable fixing to retort stand.
  • 5 sizes to to choose from
  • large size (500ml) configured for
    multicaster gel casting system


gradient mixers for electrophoresis gels

Agarose Molecular Biology Grade

  • Multi-purpose, high purity
  • Green Choice, free from organic solvents
  • Enhanced resolution and clarity
  • Low EEO / increase electrophoretic mobility
agarose biology grade
ElectroPrep: Rapid purification of proteins nucleic acids and all kinds of biomolecules electoelution components
BlotBoy 3D Rocker
These platform rockers provide the perfect 3-dimensional motion for all blot related applications. Their tilt angle and speed have been optimally set for gentle, but thorough mixing in gel trays, boxes and other flat vessels.
Gel Documentation
Hood on Transilluminator 
Gel Doc Stand-alone with LCD display
Gel Doc system direct to PC
Uvitec Gel Documentation pdf
gel documnentation system
Ultraviolet Crosslinker
UVlink is is an automatic microprocessor controlled cross-linker unit ideal for binding nucleic acids to membranes. he time saving from UV cross-linking over the conventional vacuum oven baking method is considerable -seconds or minutes compared to hoursuv crosslinker.
UV Lamps
For a variety of applications.
Single and Dual Wavelength Transilluminators
Optimum visualization of agarose and polyacrylamide gels. These transilluminators of superb quality with stainless steel filter frames that are scratch and chemical resistant. The highly polished "ondulex" reflectors positioned behind the UV tubes give the highest possible UV output, superior to that achieved by plain aluminum.
PCR Sterilization Cabinet
The Scie-Plas UV sterilisation cabinet has been designed to efficiently decontaminate reagents and equipment prior to carring out PCR reactions. The powerful UV lamps denature nucleic acids in 5 to 10 minutes making them unsuitable for amplification.
Sterilization cabinet
HB-1000 Hybridization Oven for creating the appropriate environment for nucleic acid hybridization
  • Stackable design to maximize lab space
  • Temperature control: Ambient +10ºC to 99.9ºC
  • Variable speed control for consistent wetting of samples
  • Large LED display, touch-pad for temperature setting
  • The rotary tube rack be replaced with a rocker plate for dish-style incubation and washing protocols in one benchtop unit
  • A removeable protective tray allows easy spill cleanup
  • Stainless steel internal construction
  • Multiple tube sizes
Thermal Cycler
Faster and with enhanced features, the new TGTC96S advanced thermal cycler delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. An improved protocol optimisation process utilises Flexible Temperature technology to segregate the 96-well plate into six discrete (4×4-well) temperature zones, made easily distinguishable by blue and black squares.
Radiation Safety
Beta and Gamma Shields
Radiation safety workstation
Radiation Monitors
Waste Bins
gamma beta protection shield
Other Information
Electrophoresis Support
Vertical Gel Instructions and trouble shooting
Horizontal gel tech notes
Helpful Tips for Horizontal Electrophoresis

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