Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
10cm Mini Family

  • Run 4 gels within 1 hour
  • Perform 2D blotting within a day
  • Ideal for discovery projects
  • Works with precast or hand cast gels
  • External casting stand option means you can cast gels independently of running the unit
  • Cooling prevents distortion and smiling gels
  • Fully shrouded connectors on safety lid
  • Gold plated terminals resist corrosion
  • Integrated gel casting system with casting base
  • Float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight sample migration
  • Combs color coded according to thickness - 1mm white, 1.5 mm red, 2.0 mm blue

Mini Vertical systems are predominantly used for protein electrophoresis. They include the OmniPAGE CVS10TETRAD systems equipped with enough combs and glass plates to run 4 gels, and the standard OmniPAGE CVS10 systems, which accommodate up to 2 handcast or commercial precast gels.
By combining both functionality and ease of use, the OmniPAGE CVS10TETRAD and standard OmniPAGE CVS10 systems set the bench mark for simple, versatile vertical mini gel electrophoresis. Each OmniPAGE electrophoresis system can accommodate up to 4 handcast gels and 2 commercial precast gels to provide complete flexibility for individual research needs, while unique sliding clamp technology within the PAGE insert facilitates fast, intuitive leak-free casting.
With a trouble-free set up and consistent performance and economical pricing, the OmniPAGE Mini Vertical systems are perfect for today’s laboratories, where the ability
Loading and Running Innovations
Reversible combs also serving as loading indicators aid pipette-well alignment, preventing sample loading errors – simply insert your comb into a freshly poured gel which is allowed to set before inverting the comb to use a loading template that sits conveniently above the newly formed sample wells
Run up to 4 gels in a single PAGE module using a combination of plain and notched glass plates with spacers in between corresponding to your chosen gel thickness to generate reproducible results quickly is essential.

Number of gels 1-4
Precast gel compatibility (Up to 2 gels/run) IDGel, Novex, SERVAGel, Thermo Precise Pierce Protein Gel
Plate dimensions (w x h x t) 10x10x0.2cm
Gel Dimensions (w x h) 8x8.5cm
Total buffer Volume for 2 gels Min: 250ml; Max: 1200ml
Total buffer Volume for 4 gels Min: 250ml; Max: 1200ml
Standard run time for SDS-PAGE 1-2 hours at from 90-225V
Recommended power supplies NanoPAC-300; CS-300V; CS-3AMP for blotting
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h) 19x13x15cm
Weight 1.8Kg

Variants Ordering Information

OmniPAGE Mini, 10 x 10cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass Plates, 1mm thick bonded Spacers, 2 x 12 sample, 1mm thick combs. CLAMP VERSION $565.00 shopping cart
OmniPAGE Mini, 10 x 10cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass Plates, 1mm thick bonded Spacers, 2 x 12 sample, 1mm thick combs including caster. CLAMP VERSION $665.00
OmniPAGE Mini, 10 x 10cm Dual. No accessories for precast gels $499.00
CVS10DSYS-CU OmniPAGE Mini, 10 x 10cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass Plates, 1mm thick bonded Spacers, 2 x 12 sample, 1mm thick combs including caster. CLAMP VERSION, external casting upstand $720.00
CVS10TETRAD OmniPage productivity kit includes 10cm CVS10 with external casting, and extra plates (12) and combs to run 4 gels in the system and be casting another 4 gels in the included casting stand. $820.00
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