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Features of the R36X series Electrochemistry controllers.

  • 2 electrochemistry channels for either pH, mV conductivity or Dissolved Oxygen
  • Ion channel (3620 only)
  • 2 Temperature Channels
  • Analog ouputs 4-20 ma
  • Relay outputs
  • Free Windows software
  • Communication protocol on request
  • On/Off or proportional Control
  • Units can be daisy-chained on the RS485
  • Password protection of settings
  • Stores up to 12000 values + temp, date and time (internal memory)
  • GLP reporting built in
  • Alarm can interrupt the controller in the event of a sensor probe failure
Introduction Consort R36X series electrochemistry monitor / controller

The R36x is sophisticated electrochemistry controller having two independent input channels for temperature and two inputs channels for electrochemisty probes. I can accept any combination of pH, mV, conductivity or dissolved oxygen probes. The two input channels are independent so that any two functions can be controlled simultaneously, each with its own temperature compensation, On/off control or proportional control.
There are four solid state relays programmable for high/low level control, wash programs or alarm functions.
A special alarm timer will interrupt the process control in case of an electrode failure.

The system includes a comprehensive set of calibration routines for each parameter including multi point calibration for pH and conductivity. The mV parameter can be calibrated for accurate ORP measurements.
The controller can accomadate a range of conductivity probes to match the application.
Use a 1 cm-1 electrode to control from 0.01 μS/cm to 200 mS/cm.
Use a 0.1 cm-1 electrode to control from 0.001 μS/cm to 20 mS/cm.
Use a 10 cm-1 electrode to control from 0.1 μS/cm to 2000 mS/cm.
Model 3624 has a connection for 4 pole conductivity probes
Selectable reference temperature: 20° or 25°C.
Cell constant determination is automatic with any of three preprogrammed or user specified standards.
A special feature for accurate low conductivity measurements eliminates the capacitive component of the electrode and its cable (we recommend not to us use long cables when dealing with low conductivity measurement).
The Dissolved oxygen function operates with a galvanic oxygen electrode requiring no polarisation time and no zero calibration.
which and be calibrated in air. The DO function includes compensation for salinity 0-40 ppt and atmospheric pressure (600-1300hPa).

Both units includes an RS485 interface which can be used to daisy chain instruments together and to contect to a PC or login controller.

The option DIS software feature data aquistion, tabulation and file management compatible with Microsoft Windows. The system can used without the software using a straight data link such as hyperlink or with your own software (command set available on request)

electrochemistry data system
Specifications  R3610 R3620 Electrochemistry Controllers
High resolution pH /mV /conductivity/dissolved oxygen/IONS
Modes Resolution
    pH - 2 + 16 0.001 pH
    mV +/- 2000 mV 0.1 mV
    Conductivity 0 - 2000 mS/cm 0.001 uS/cm
    Dissolved Oxygen 0 - 60 mg/l 0.01 mg/l
    Temperature - 30 to + 130 0.1 deg. C
    Air Pressure 600...1300 hPa -
    Ions (R3620) 0.01 ng/l...100g/l 3 digits
    pH or mV or conductivity or DO 2 channels 2 x BNC
    Temperature 2 channel 2 x BNC
    pH, mV 0.1% +/- 1 digit
    DO 1.0% +/- 1 digit
    Conductivity 0.5% +/- 1 digit fs or range
    Ions 0.5% +/- 1 digit
    Temperature -0 ~ +50 °C automatic or manual
    Salinity (oxygen) 0-40ppt NaCl auto or manual
    Air Pressure (oxygen) 600 ...1300 hPa
    pH 1 - 5 points
     pH Buffers 9 pre-programmed, 5 user specified
     ISO pH 6 - 8 pH
     Slope 80...120%
    mV 1 point
    Dissolved Oxygen 1 point
   Temperature 1 point
   Conductivity 1 - 3 points
     Cell Constant 0.05 - 15 /cm 
     Temp Coefficient Standard Curve or individual curve
     Ref Temp 20 or 25 °C
Ions (R3620) 2...5 points
 General Specifications
   Data Logging 12000 values + time and data, automatic or manual

   Logging interval

1 - 9999 seconds
   Unit ID yes
   Password yes
   Display Back Lit LCD 128 x 64 pixels
   Relay Outputs 4 solid state, 12 - 250 VAC 1mA min. 1A max.
   Recorder output 4-20mA programmable
   RS485 4 wire output 300 .. 19200 baud, bi-directional
    Power 110 or 230 Volts AC
    Dimensions 28 x 17 x 6 cm
    Weight 1.3 Kg


Ordering Information 
Model CS R3610 pH, EC, O2 with RS485 and 2 analog 4-20mA outputs
$950.00 order online
Model CS R3620 pH, EC, O2, IONS with RS485 and analog 4-20mA outputs $1200.00
Model CS R3624 pH, EC, O2, IONS with RS485 and analog 4-20mA outputs
with connection for 4 pole conductivity probes
Model CS A2002 DIS Windows data acquisition software with adaptor for RS485 to RS232 $399.00
Model CS A2003 DIS Windows data acquisition software with adaptor for RS485 to ethernet $499.00
Model CS A2004 DIS Windows data acquisition software with adaptor for USB $125.00

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