ATR-Touch P
Laboratory Refractometer with Integrated Peltier-Thermostat

The critical angle refractometer ATR-P is especially designed for applications in the sugar industry. The Complete system consists of the PURE-S measuring head and the "L-Display" electronic unit. As an alternative to the "L-Display" electronic unit, the PURE-S measuring head can be connected to a PC or laptop. In the minimal version configuration and calibration are performed using a supplied basic-software. Much more comfortable and more extensive is the PC version of the "L-Display" software

Features of ATR-B Automatic Refractometers

  • High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios (mass percent)
  • Quality and quantity control of liquids, especially for sucrose solutions
  • Highly accurate and reproducible measuring results in no time at all
  • Electronic unit separated from measuring head
  • Very robust and waterproof measuring head made from stainless steel
  • Operating mode alternatively in horizontal or vertical position
  • Single or flow-through measurement
  • Various sample room covers / flow through doors optionally available
  • Fast and reliable control of sample temperature by built-in solid state Peltier-thermostat
  • Temperature correction of samples via external water bath – rapid temperature correction even larger sample volumes
  • Temperature compensation of Brix scale
  • Easy to calibrate with sucrose solutions
  • Measuring head can be connected to the PC and operated as stand-alone device
  • Adopted user friendly Operation System displayed by a high resolution 7" TFT Touchscreen
  • Modern and robust design for rough environments
  • Documentation according to GLP/GMP
  • Energy saving LED light source
Applications of Refractometers include:
Chemicals Solvents, organic polymers, distilled products, solutions of inorganic compounds, pesticides, washing agents
Agriculture Ripeness of fruits, vegetables, beet and sugar cane.
Food Industry Yogurt, jam, fruit extract, syrup, honey coffee extract, vegetable albumen, chocolate, milk, baby food.
Beverage Industry Soft drinks, fruit juice, wine, beer,
Medical Serum, blood, urine
Pharmaceutical Essences, essential oils, aromas.
Petrochemicals Oils, fats, waxes, naphthalenes, raw oils, varnishes, paints

Specifications for ATR automatic Refractometers

Measuring scales: Refractive Index (RI)                                                              
Sucrose (%Brix)                                                                                             
Measuring range: 1.33200 - 1.55000 RI  / 0 - 100 % Brix
Resolution: 0.00001 RI /  0.01 % Brix 
Precision: ± 0.02 % Brix
Ambient temperature: +10 to +40°C
Automatic temperature compensation Brix: +5 to +50°C
Temperature measurement: NTC sensor for measurement of sample temperature placed inside the prism
Temperature regulation sample: External water bath
Measurement mode: Single sample or flow through measurement, horizontal or vertical usage
Prism: YAG
Light source / wavelength: LED, interference filter 589 nm
Display: 7" touch screen, 800 x 480 Pixel, 16 Bit colours
Operation: Touchscreen, keyboard**, mouse**, barcode-reader**, remote via PC**
Interfaces: 1 xRS232 C serial,  3 x USB (A), 1 x USB (B), 1 x Ethernet, Easy connection of key- board, mouse, printer, bar code reader, PC and network.
Conformity: International Pharmacopoea, ASTM, AOAC, DIN, FDA, ICUMSA and others
Ordering Information
Model Description Part No Price USD
ATR P Resolution: 0,0001 nD , 0,05% Bx 14690 *please call for pricing details

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