Colormat 100 Colorimeter
Integrated ICUMSA Methods

  • Digital single beam photometer for the determination of liquid color
  • Objective and repeatable measurements
  • 3 fixed wavelengths 420nm 560nm and 720 nm
  • Optional 6 further wavelengths (in the range 420 - 900 nm
  • Automatic wavelength setting
  • Polarimeter cells up to 100 mm usable as well as rectangle cuvettes
  • Single or flow through measurements
  • Remote control via PC
  • Data output to PC or direct connected printer
  • Up to 250 methods programmable
  • Internal data storage of results
  • GLP / GMP conform documentation

Digital single beam photometer for the determination of liquid color The new designed Coloromat 100 allows easy measurement of transmission, extinction and colour units at the recommended wavelengths in the range between 340 and 900 nm. The touch screen is used for soft key functions and alphanumerical inputs which allows easy handling for example batch name, user etc.. The wavelengths are selected via the touch screen. Three wavelengths are pre-installed as standards, optional the Coloromat 100 can be equipped with six further customized wavelengths. This opens a wide range of applications.

Due to the generous dimensions of the sample chamber the use of polarimeter flow through tubes up to 100 mm as standard cuvettes allows easy filling and a high through-put.

The sample compartment is open to the top and the bottom avoiding spillage to enter the unit. Due to its unique optical design the Coloromat 100 is not affected by stray light.

The Coloromat 100 is equipped with a continuous measuring mode with free configurable sampling rate for monitoring color changes in product streams as a function of time.

The general operating software contained in the FLASH MEMORY can be updated by PC (data file downloaded from Internet or CD ROM) and has a capacity for 250 pre-programmed tests. Up to 230 tests can be stored in the RAM. The import of data by touch screen or PC are possible. Additionally up to 2970 results of max. 99 samples can be managed in the memory.The Colormat can also be used with the flow through type polarimeter tubes


  • Color measurement of liquid cristal sugar (ICUMSA)
  • Color index determination of soft drinks and wine
  • Determination of the color of extracts (coffee a.o.)
  • Color index determination via APHA-number
  • Color measurement of beer and wort (EBC color number)
  • Bicromate measurements
  • Multi standard methods
  • Simple extinction measurements
  • Monitoring of color changes as a function of time
  • Enzymatic determination (e.g. NAD(P))- and NAD(P)H-methods
  • Dynamic monitoring of color changes with a flow through cell

Application Notes

Beer and Wort
The color is an important parameter for the quality control of beer and wort during the brewing procedure.
Red Wine and Fruit Juice

Glucose and Fructose in Beet Juices
Invert Sugar

Enzymatical Methods
In the food branch photometers are often used to the quality check or for the product supervision.
At a wide variety of analyses the concentration of different ingredients can be determined
by enzymatical reactions and following photometric measurement at one specific
ICUMSA Methods
List of methods for sugar applications
Dextran Determination
ICUMSA Protocol
using Colormat

Specifications of the Coloromat colorimeter

Specification All Models
Optics Single Beam Photometer
Wavelength Range 420 - 900 nm
Pre-installed filters 420nm, 560nm, 720 nm
Wavelength section Via touch screen
Resolution extinction 0.001
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.020 extinction 420 nm
± 0.010 extinction at 560 and 720 nm
± 0.020 extinction at optional filters
Basic method ICUMSA  
Measuring range 0 - 16000 ICUMSA Units (IU)
Resolution 1 IU
Accuracy ±10% for colors < 20 IU
± 5% for colors > 20 IU
Light Source Halogen lamp, 12 V, 20 W with protected function for halogen lamp
Operator Interface Touch screen for direct functions and alphanumeric inputs
Data Presentation Graphic display
Data Output RS 232 C interface
Operating Temperature 10 - 40°C
Power Universal 85-265V AC 47-63 Hz
Languages English and German, switchable
Indonesian, Russian, Spanish on request

Ordering Information

Model Pice guide Part Number
Coloromat Sugar Colorimeter Contact us for a quotation TID 08526
Additional wavelength choose one from 405, 436, 492, 520, 540, 623, 700 nm TID 08334
Center filling polarimeter tube sample holder with filler cap TID 02607
Cuvette adaptor to use standard square cuvettes TID 08342
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