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Colony Counter
Symbiosis easy to use click and count colony counter.
Image plate ID and and counts saved automatically
colony counter
Features of Acolyte Point and Click Colony Counter
  • EASY TO USE, as simple as using a lightbox - just point & click
  • REVOLUTIONARY, user interface with animated help facilities
  • LIVE, FULL COLOUR, on screen images you can save and print
  • SPEED UP, your laboratory's counting tasks with no transcription errors
  • PRODUCE, professional reports at the touch of a button
  • USB CONNECTIVITY, plugs directly into your existing PC
  • CHOOSE, whether to perform a whole plate or sector count
  • RECORD, time and date information automatically for each plate for GLP
  • SELECTABLE, top and base illumination allowing any agar type to be read
  • AUTOMATIC, calculation of count with selectable dilution

Introduction to Acolyte Click & Count Colony Counter
The Acolyte is a computerized light box for colony counting. The stylish instrument incorporates a high resolution digital camera and a unique LED illumination system for transmitted and incident light. The video camera produces real time images on the computer screen via the USB connection. The software provides a virtual interface to the colony counter for live full color imaging of plates. Features include real time zoom and panning, exposure control,  image capture, plate ID entry and automatic calculation of counts per ml. All data handling is automated to eliminate transcription errors. The Acolyte is available in two version Click n' Count and Supercount

Super count is the automated version of the standard Click n' Count unit. The super count software extends the ability of the standard unit so that whole plates can be counted with a single click.

Super Count ~ all the features of Click'n'Count PLUS...

  • AUTOMATIC, colony counting at an affordable price
  • SAVE, valuable laboratory time (up to 90% time savings), 1 second/plate typically.
  • INCREASE, your laboratory's productivity by completing colony counting in a fraction of the time.
  • SINGLE BUTTON, operation - just one click counts the entire plate.
  • COUNTS, displayed instantly next to a full color plate image.
  • COLONY SEPARATION, carried out automatically to give accurate results.
  • SWITCHABLE, detection modes for dark and light media types.
  • ADJUSTABLE, sensitivity setting for optimal colony detection.
  • BUILT-IN, background correction for different media.
Specifications of Acolyte colony counter
PC Connection USB - 

Smallest detectable colony better than 0.3 mm diameter on 90mm plates. 

Illumination Long life upper and lower LED arrays with dark field and bright field
Power Input

110/240 Volts

Dimensions 250 mm x 270 mm x 250 mm
Weight 3.2 kg
PC Requirements 300 MHz Pentium lll, 128 MB RAM, 100MB available on hard disk, CD ROM, 2 x USB ports, 1024 x 768 24 bit true color graphics display, Windows, 98, ME, 2000 XP
  Click n' Count Super Count
Measurement Time Up to 4 colonies per second
Up to 500 colonies per second
Detection Point and Click Automatic with manual override
Ordering Information 
Model Description Price USD
ACOL-CNC Standard click and count unit 
requires a PC with two spare USB port
ACOL-SUPER Super count unit with software for automatic counting 
requires PC with 2 space USB ports

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