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    Portable Chlorine Dioxide Photometer
Features of the HF Chlorine Pocket Photometer
  • Laboratory Accuracy In The Field

  • Microprocessor technology together with rugged construction ensures accuracy and durability in the roughest environments.

  • Self contained packaging provides convenient access to everything you need to conduct a test.

  • Auto Shut Off - extends battery life.

  • EPA Approved Method

  • Meets Standard Method 4500-CI G. DPD Colorimetric Method for measuring residual chlorine.

  • New Powder Pop Dispenser simplifies the handling of DPD reagent.

Introduction to the Hf portable Chlorine Dioxide Photometer

The new Pocket Photometer gives you laboratory accuracy, no matter where you happen to be. The Chlorine Pocket Photometer is packaged in a rugged, self-contained kit which together with the Powder Pop Dispenser,  has everything needed for measuring Free or Total Chlorine.

Reagent for the Pocket Photometer is packaged in the PPD-2 Powder Pop Dispenser. The PPD-2 Powder Pop Dispenser delivers a precise dose of DPD reagent directly to your sample with the push of a button. No foil pouches to tear open and no mess to leave behind. The PPD-2 Powder Pop Dispenser is formulated to include enough reagent for either 100 or 200 tests. Available for free or total chlorine.

Specification - Portable Chlorine  Photometer
Range: 0 - 10 ppm
Method: EPA Approved - DPD 
Certification: CE
Resolution: 0.01 ppm for 0-6 ppm 0.1 ppm for 6-10 ppm
Accuracy: 2% 0-6 ppm 10% 6-10 ppm
Response Time: 3 seconds
Light Source:  LED 515nm
Sample Size: 5ml
Display: 7 Segment LCD
Keypad: Splash proof tactile membrane
Power: 4 AAA batteries (up to 1000 tests)
Shipping Dimensions:  28 x 30.5 x 7.6 cm (11" x 12" x 3")
Shipping Weight: 1.22 kg (2.71bs)
Materials: Instrument: ABS-Injection Molded-Designed to meet NEMA 4X and IP67 Carry Case: High density Polyethylene blow molded
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Pocket Photometer
10478 The Pocket Photometer,  4 measuring cuvettes with caps, 4 AAA batteries and instructions. (reagent not included) $345.00
Reagent - Powder Pop Dispenser TM Sml Chlorine Test Volume  
10500 PPD-2 Dispenser for Free Chlorine -100 tests $15.00
1O445A PPD-2 Dispenser for Free Chlorine - 400 tests(2 x 200 tests) $55.00
10500C PPD-2 Dispenser for Free Chlorine -1000 tests (5 x 200 tests) $125.00
10502 PPD-2 Dispenser for Total Chlorine - 100 tests $15.00
10446A PPD-2 Dispenser for Total Chlorine - 400 tests (2 x 200 tests) $55.00
10502C PPD-2 Dispenser for Total Chlorine - 1000 tests (5 x 200 tests) $125.00
10431 Disposable Cuvettes, 100/pkg $26.00
10451A 2.0 ppm Reference Standard Solution, 125 ml (pocket Photometer only) $49.00
22664 Set of 4 AAA Alkaline batteries $7.00

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