Checkpoint 3 Headspace Analyzer for O2 and CO2

  • O2 or O2/CO2 headspace analysis
  • Long life sensors
  • 2 year sensor warranty
  • Data logging and product selections
  • Multi user setup
  • WIFI interface
  • Multilingual
  • Large Color Display
  • Flow alarm for blocked or missing needle/filter


The Checkpoint 3 headspace analyzer is an advanced analysis system for measuring the concentration of oxAir flowygen and carbon dioxide in modified atmosphere food, pharmaceutical and similar packages. The instrument features new long life sensors for oxygen and carbon dioxide which provide exceptional accuracy and reliability in a portable battery powered package

The electronics feature state of the art WIFI connectivity along with comprehensive data logging and recording option which allow you to categorize measurement by different product types. The WIFI provides for wireless transfer of the data from the handset to your computer. This can be done on the fly or at the end of the day.

Like its predecessors the Checkpoint 3 is easy to use. The color display presents the instrument set up and measured data in a readily understood format. The password protected supervisor set up mode protects the stored data and the calibration setting from corruption and provide for the programming of individual parameters for different product types and for different users. For example alarm settings for high and low readings. Depending on the model chosen you can have up to 100 different users and products.

NB Requires factory calibration - cannot be calibrated by the user.


  Oxygen Only O2 and CO2
Sample Volume 5 ml 5 ml
Sample time 9 s 9 s
Measuring Range 0 - 85% oxygen 1-100% CO2 0-1 85% Oxygen
Resolution 0.1% oxygen 0.1% oxygen and CO2
Sensor Accuracy better than ±0.1% ±2% of reading better than ±0.1 % oxygen
better than ±2% Carbon Dioxide
Warm up time 5 seconds
Dimensions and weight 75 x100 x175 mm (HxWXD)
Power Battery operated 2000 measurements per charge
WIFI Connections 10 user configurable stored programs
Calibration interval 12 months (must be calibrated by the factor no user calibration allowed)
Sensor Lifetime O2 >3 years, CO2> 5 years
Optional Data Pack extended memory up to 1 million measurements

Ordering Information

Model WIFI Sensor Warranty User Setup Products Readings
Checkpoint 3 O2 AND O2/CO2 versions No 3 years 1 1 1
Checkpoint 3 Premium O2 & O2/CO2 versions Yes 3 years 10 100 10000
Checkpoint 3 Premium Data Pack O2 & O2/CO2 versions Yes 3 years 100 1000 1 million
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