Head Space Analyzers
Oxygen only or Oxygen+Carbon Dioxide

The Checkmate3 is a digital head space analyzer for monitoring the residual oxygen or oxygen/carbon dioxide in Modified Atmosphere ( MAP ) Packages for food  pharmaceutical and similar applications

CheckMate 3 lets you test gas-fl ushed packages fast and cost-effectively—a necessity for high-volume brand-name manufacturing. Operators can tell at a glance if gas composition is within the required levels. It also provides the traceability you need: essential data about each and every package can be stored in the unit itself or transferred either to the CheckMate 3 software or third-party software. And because different products have different testing requirements, CheckMate 3 can be adapted to virtually any quality control system, making brand consistency easier than ever to maintain.

Features of the Checkmate 3 Oxygen and Combined O2/CO2 Analyzers

  • Fast and accurate monitoring of Oxygen concentrations ( 0.001% - 100% ) in 'spot check' and continuous modes.
  • Optional carbon dioxide detector 0 - 100 % CO2
  • Large easy to read 5” colour display with touch function (A 91% bigger screen compared to CheckMate II)
  • Quick response typically 3 second per package (oxygen)
  • Automatic sequence - operator only needs to insert the needle to make and record a complete analysis.
  • Easy readout of O2 concentration with LCD display and optional built-in printer.
  • Built in filters protect the instrument from fluid and food product contamination.
  • Only requires a very small sample (3ml) - works for almost every type of MAP package.
  • Built in alarms for low and high oxygen/CO2 levels.
  • Data transfer via Ethernet/(LAN), USB or RS232
  • USB connection for external keyboard and bar code scanner
  • Flexible confi guration of test scheme, e.g. logging of operator name, batch number, product line, etc.
  • Programmable alarms for different product types.
  • Hygienic sealed membrane keyboard.
  • Robust industrial strength instrument.
  • Delivered ready to use with calibration certificate.
  • Free technical support and support online
  • Order supplies online
  • .PDF Brochure
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Introduction to the CheckMate measurement system
The CheckMate is a sensitive oxygen / carbon dioxide analyzer designed for use with modified atmosphere packages. The instrument works by drawing a small sample of the head-space gas into a special zirconium detector. The analysis is very quick and the results are displayed on an LCD display within a few seconds. The CheckMate is self contained it includes everything you need for the analysis of MAP packages and includes an extensive range of features for ease of use, and ease of maintenance. A unique feature of the CheckMate is its ability to perform an analysis on only a very small sample of head space gas - even down to 1 ml for some pharmaceutical applications. This makes the CheckMate useful for almost all types of modified atmosphere packages. ( Click here to see an accessory for cans and bottles )

The CheckMate MAP analyzer is easy to use - 3 modes
The CheckMate has been designed for ease of use, - the measurement procedure is fully automatic, all the operator needs to do is to insert the needle through a septum into the head space of the package being tested. This automatically triggers the measurement cycle and produces a readout of oxygen concentration on the LCD display, on the printer and in memory. Other operating modes allow you to set up an analysis and start the measurement cycle at the push of button. The Checkmate also has a continuous mode of operation which will carry out a continuous analysis of an environment or stream of gas.

Your test data is recorded automatically
The results from each CheckMate analysis are automatically stored in memory and can be printed out on the built in printer or downloaded to a PC. Tests can be categorized by product type (or machine etc.). There are 10 categories built into the CheckMate which you can customize with names of your own.

Calibrated and ready to use
The CheckMate comes ready calibrated, with a certificate of calibration, and only needs to be re-calibrated once a year. The operator never needs to worry about compensation for air pressure or flow verification because this is all taken care of automatically. If you do want to re-calibrate the CheckMate yourself you can take advantage of a built in automatic calibration routine.

Specification of the CheckMate head space gas analyzer
O2 & CO2
(Zirconia/dual beam
O2 & CO2
beam infrared)
Key features Our fastest and most accurate oxygen sensor Our fastest and most accurate oxygen sensor combined with a full-scale temperature compensated carbon dioxide sensor The elctrochemical sensor is not cross-sensitive to alcohol or carbon monoxide. Expected sensor lifetime is 2 years in atmospheric air The combined O2/CO2 electrochemical analyser features a unique compensation for both temperature and cross sensitivity to CO2 in the O2 reading
Sample volume 3 ml 6 ml 5 ml 6 ml
Sample time 5 sec 10 sec 7 sec 10 sec
Measuring range 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%
Resolution O2: 0.001% O2: 0.001% / CO2: 0.1% O2: 0.1% / CO2: 0.1% O2: 0.1% / CO2: 0.1%
Sensor accuracy at 1% O2
and 20% CO2
± 0.01% oxygen ± 0.01% oxygen and
± 0.8% carbon dioxide
Better than ± 0.3% oxygen Better than ± 0.25% oxygen
and ± 0.8% carbon dioxide
Heating time 10 min 10 min 1 min 10 min
Dimensions & weight
180 x 315 x 220 mm (HxWx D), 3.7 kg
Power supply
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Options Built-in printer, CheckMate PC software, SmartPen – retractable syringe, Can Piercer for testing cans and wine bottles, bar
code scanner, standard consumable kit ( part no. 300436 )
Connections USB, Ethernet (RJ45), RS232 (DB9)
Memory A minimum of 1,000 programs, 10,000 measurements depending on the set-up
Third-party software
Mettler-Toledo FreeWeigh.net, Sartorius ProContol (WinSPC), OCS ComScale NT, Microsoft SQL database Bizerba _statistics.BRAIN
Calibration and repair service available.
Click the caliper to request an RMA.

Ordering Information
Model Description Price US$
CMO2 Checkmate oxygen only Call
CMO2P Checkmate oxygen + printer Call
CMO2CO2 Checkmate combined O2/CO2 Call
CMO2CO2P Checkmate combined + printer Call

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