Digital Push/Pull Force Gauge 0.25% Accuracy

Digital push pull force gauges measure the tension or compression applied to the probe. Suitable for a wide range of applications Read out in Newtons, Pounds and Kilogram force

Features of the BFG Push Pull Force Gauge
  • Direct reading tension (+) and compression (-)
  • Good accuracy 0.25% full scale (more accuracy here)
  • Wide selection of gages
    with ranges from 2.2lb to 550 lb)
  • Complete with hook, probes and other adaptor tips
  • Readout in Kilograms force, Newtons or Pounds
  • Bi directional RS232 serial interface
  • Portable works with NiMh battery, built in memory backup
  • Test stands for most applications
  • RS232 and analog outputs
  • M5 mounting holes for test stand
The Mecmesin BGF series push pull force gauges use a precision force transducer to measure the compressive and tensile forces applied to the force probe. The unit displays real time force data on the LCD screen in any of the common force units - lbs kgf or N. The BFG includes all the basic features needed for routine force measurement in many common applications. The instruments includes a bidirectional data link and mitutoyu compatible data output.
Inspection and testing of all kinds of precision parts and mechanisms including relay contacts, and switches
Strength testing for components and assemblies such as wire harness
Connection testing measure the pull out and insertion force of all kinds of connectors and fitted components.
Test Stands
A range of motorized test stands permit more accurate and repeatable measurements.
General Specifications BFG series force gauges
Model Series BFG Series
Units of measure mN, N, kN, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf
Accuracy 0.25 % full scale
Sampling rate 1000 times/sec
Load cell stud thread (for attachements) 10/32 UNF (5/16UNC for 220 and 550 lb gages
Display LCD
Digital output RS232 / USB
Environmental temperature 15 - 30 degs C
Power NiMH batteries
Battery operation 10 hrs continuous
Weight 500 gm
Auto power off selectable 1 - 20 mins
Load range( see tables below ) See table below
Test Stands ready to use with these gauges
Vertical or Horizontal Manual
Vertical Motorized
Ordering Information
BFG Series Push Pull Force Gauges
each gage includes, power adaptor and standard accessories
Model N lbf Kgf Price 
US Dollars
BFG-10 10 2.2 1.0 $795.00     
BFG-50 50 11 5.0 $795.00
BFG-200 200 44 20 $795.00
BFG-500 500 110 50 $795.00
BFG-1000 1000 220 100 $895.00
BFG-2500 2500 550 250 $1120.00
MDD Manual Test Stand Vertical 1000 220 100 $950.00  
MDD Manual Test Stand Horizontal 1000 220 100 $1250.00  
Electronic height Scale for MDD       $1100.00  
LCP Manual Test Stand 500 110 50 $1195.00  
Electronic height Scale for LCP       $900.00  

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