Automatic Filter System
Sample Preparation for Sugar Analysis

  • Automatic Pressure Filtration for Sugar Labs
  • Eco friendly measuring technique
  • No need to clarify sugar
  • Less than 1 minute filtration time
  • High quality filtrates independent from sample viscosity and turbidity
  • Lead free sample preparation
  • Residue free filtration
  • Constant sample volume by conductivity sensors
  • 250 ml filtration volume

Introduction to the AutoFiltZ Automatic system

The standard procedure to separate particles from a solutions is a gravimetric filtration. This method is time consuming and can result in small amounts of evaporation of the liquid. In the sugar laboratory the automatic filtration systems AutoFilt reduces the filtration time by at least a factor of 10 and ensures a turbidity free solution in a very short time. The AutoFilt filtration system is specially designed to speed up sample preparations for the polarimetric analysis of sugar solutions using Near Infra Red polarimeters (Saccharimeters). The AutoFilt obviates the need to clarify sugar and avoids the use of lead acetate and aluminum sulfate.

The unit comprises a sample compartment, with filter holder, a pump, and a stand to hold the sample chamber and collect the filtrate. The unit operates with compressed air which is provided by a small compressor (or central air). The compressed air forces the liquid in the sample holder through a filter and into the filtrate collection flask. The operation is fully automated The advanced sensor and processor based system discards pre- and post-filtrate fractions and provides a high quality filtrate. First filtrate portion which can contain suspended matter and particles is discarded as well as the third filtration portion often accompanied with foam which is developed during the last phase of the filtration. Resulting high quality filtrate features constant sample volumes independent of the operator, sample viscosity and turbidity.

Specifications of the AutofiltZ Automatic Filtration

Filtration Pressure max. 5 bar - 0.5 Mpa
Sample Volume max. 250 ml
Measurement Volume 50 ml sensor controlled
Operating temperature (environment) +10 - +40 °C
Wavelength section Via touch screen
Power required 100V-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 40 W
Pressurized Air supply max. 10 bar - 1,0 Mpa
oil free
Air Supply tube 6 mm OD
Waste water tube 16 mm ID
Filter Area approx. 78.5 cm sq
Filtration Pressure 6 Bar
Filtration Volume 250 ml
Operator Interface Touch screen for direct functions and alphanumeric inputs

Ordering Information

Part Number Model Pice guide
TID 10800 AutoFiltZ (Compressor not included) including 100 150mm filter pads Contact us for more information or a quotation
TID 03709 Compressor (optional) up to 10 Bar wiht pressure control valve
TID 12128 Filter pads 150 mm diam
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