Oxygen Analyzer for Soldering Ovens

  • Monitors residual oxygen in nitrogen blanket
  • Maintains optimum soldering conditions
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • User defined alarms
  • Can be integrates with oven control system
  • Improves quality
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Suitable for wave and reflow systems

The Zr-OxEPC is a residual oxygen analyzer for use with soldering ovens and similar applications where a process needs to be carried out in an oxygen free environment. Typically the process chamber is purged with an inert gas such as Nitrogen or Argon in order to remove atmospheric oxygen from the process area.
The ZrOx use a sensitive zirconia sensor to detect residual oxygen down to the ppm levels. The sensor will not saturate which means it can be instantly responsive from high oxygen concentration such as atmospheric oxygen (20.9%) down to ppm levels in a matter of seconds. The instrument is self contained with a built in pump and sample lines ready to connect to the oven or glove box. Operation is achieved via a large touch screen user interface. The current oxygen concentration is displayed in real time. Various digital and analog interface functions are possibly depending on the configuration of your system. There are built in alarms and relays that can be interfaced with your machine. There is an optional USB interface for data logging to a PC or PLC.

ZrOx Online residual oxygen monitors for soldering machines

Sensor type: Zirconia oxide.
Measuring range: 0.1ppm- 100.00 % O2.
Sensor temperature: Approx. 800 °C.
Heating up time: Minimum 15 min., optimal 40 min.
Calibration: Recommended every 12 month minimum 1 calibration gas.
Response time sensor Approx. 35 msec.
Response time/analyser 20.9 % - 10 ppm in approx. 20 sec
Accuracy: +/-3 % 0-100,0% over 4 decades, smallest range to 0-1000 ppm.
Gas sample flow: Approx. 100 ml/min,optional 0,5 to 10 l/min.
User interface. 5.7'' Touch Screen Display (145 mm).
Options: WEB interface for data communication.
  WEB interface for continuous data storage.
  Continuous, data stored inside analyzer.
  Displays alarms on the screen.
  Start the measurements via solder / packaging machine.
  Menu navigation in many languages.
Interface RS-232, USB, LAN, 3 inputs for external signals.

Selectable RS232 communication protocols to various soldering machines
(preconfigured for 7 machines)

Options: Wi-Fi, RFID reader, barcode reader.
Fault detection alarms:

Analyzer temperature, broken connections, system fault.

Process alarms: 2x concentration alarms, 1x system alarm, flow alarm, all 3 alarms fully programmable.
Relays output rating Max. 230 VAC, 3A
Analogue output: 2x 0/4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 VDC, freely programmable.
Housing: Aluminium, bench type.
Weight: Approx. 3,5 kg.
Power supply: 100-240 VAC / 47-63Hz.
Power Consumption: 20 W continuous / 35 W during warm up
Dimensions: Height: 140 mm Width: 204 mm Depth: 310 mm.
Environmental conditions  
Ambient temperature: Operating: 0-50 degrees Celsius (no fan required).
storage: +5-50 degrees Celsius.
Ambient moisture : 95% absolute humidity non condensating.
Storage humidity: <75% RLF absolute humidity